3 Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing: Is It Worth the Investment?

Finding the ideal roofing material for your home requires extensive research. Compare the different materials like metal, asphalt, wood, and tile to decide on the perfect one. Look for home roofing that is strong, durable, and offers value for your money. Are you considering metal roofing? Read more to see its pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Here are some of the pros of having metal roofing.

Durable and Long-Lasting

With proper installation, a metal roof can last for several decades. The roof can withstand strong winds and rainwater. The metal roofing is also fire, rot, and insect infestation resistant. With this kind of roof, it will take years before you think about repairing or replacing it. The critical thing is to invest in quality metal roofing from an established company like Erie Metal Roofs.

Metal Roofs are Simple and Quick to InstallIf you are looking to replace your home roof fast, then go for metal roofing. The materials come in sections or panels of 12 to 36 inches. The ease of installation leads to cheaper labor costs. Ensure that you find a competent contractor for the metal roofing installation work.

Energy Efficient Your home roofing will have an impact on the interior heating. The great thing with metal roofs is that it reflects the heat from the sun. Maintaining comfortable room temperatures and minimizing air conditioner use is simple when you have metal roofing. You will reduce energy usage in your home and cut power bills when you have this roofing.

Limitations of Metal Roofing

The following are some of the cons of having Metal Roofing.

Metal Roofs are CostlyCompared to other materials, metal roofs are expensive, with a cost between $120 to $600 for 100 sqare feet. Although you will pay a significant price for the metal roofing, it is worth it in the long run as it is durable and the maintenance costs are low. If you choose the metal roofing, you need to compare the pricing of several local companies. The idea is to find the one that has competitive prices for the metal roofing materials.

Can be NoisyIf there is heavy rainfall or a thunderstorm, the metal roofing can be noisy. The vibration of the metal may magnify the noises. To overcome this problem, add layers of solid sheathing or insulation to the roof. Although this comes with an extra charge, it will make the metal roof less noisy.

Metal Roofs Dent Easily

If something heavy like tree branches falls on the metal roof, it dents easily. Denting can also happen due to reckless walking on the metal roof. Cut any tree branches near your house to mitigate this risk. Avoid climbing on the top of the roof and, if it is necessary, hire a professional roofer to do it. Look for strong metal roofing materials such as steel to overcome the denting problem.

The Bottom Line

Yes, you will pay a little bit more for the metal roofing, but it is worth the cost. Metal roofs are stylish, durable, and simple to install. Although the roof may dent easily, the risk is low and should not worry you too much. With layers of insulation, you will significantly minimize the noise from the metal roofing. Examine the style of your home to decide whether to go with the metal roofing or opt for other materials.

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