5 Actionable Ideas To Hurricane-Proof Your Living Space

Homeowners need to prioritize the safety of their living spaces, even if it requires considerable investment. Smart locks and automated alarm systems can protect your property against thieves and intruders. But you cannot rely on them for bearing the brunt of natural calamities. Hurricanes are one of the dreaded events for homeowners because they can cause immense property damage. However, some smart measures like hurricane-proof windows can mitigate their effects to a significant extent. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an old one, here are the ideas that you can implement to hurricane-proof your place.

Design for resilience

The worst danger that hurricanes bring is violent winds, which can pull buildings apart. Roof structures are at high risk because winds can tear them and send them flying. It is a grave danger to people and things around. Having a construction fastening system in place is essential, both from safety and regulatory perspectives. You need to ensure that your house is designed for resilience, even if it requires you to spend on the renovation.

Ensure good drainage

Water blockage is a critical concern for homeowners during the hurricane season. Unless your gutters and downspouts are clean, water may not flow through them during a storm. There are good chances that it will end up standing on your roof or seeping into the attic. A visual inspection of gutters and downspouts before the season has you ready. If you notice any blockages or leaks, address them right away.

Secure your doors and windows

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you need to go the extra mile to secure the doors and windows against strong winds and flying debris. Consider installing shutters that can be drawn when disaster strikes. You can invest in Impact Windows to be extra safe. The sturdy material is shatter-proof and capable of withstanding the pressure caused by winds. The glass will remain intact even when hit by high-speed debris.

Keep the exterior clean and debris-free

Any object placed outside the house can bring danger to the place when a hurricane strikes. It could be your garden or patio furniture that may be hurled around by the strong winds. Similarly, dead branches and weak trees can also fly around during the storm. It is best to keep the exterior clean and debris-free when there is a forecast of a hurricane. Just a little effort can save your place from damage.

Arrange power-backup

When it comes to hurricane-proofing your living space, it is easy to focus only on structural elements and overlook the power supply. Hurricanes often affect the power grid, and an extended power failure is hard to deal with. Having a standby generator is another smart measure to prepare for the storm. You may install a whole-house system or keep only the essentials going with a smaller generator.

Being prepared is the best bet for homeowners who want to stay a step ahead of a disastrous hurricane. No investment is too much if it protects your living space and family, so you must surely implement these measures.

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