3 Tips for a Stylish Smart Home 

3 Tips for a Stylish Smart Home  1

Modern technology is everywhere nowadays, and I am not just talking about TVs, speakers, and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. If you want to keep up with the trends and turn your home into a house of the future, you must have at least several connected smart speakers, a smart thermostat, sensors and cameras all over the place, a smart vacuum cleaner, at least one advanced router, and maybe a few appliances that can connect to the Internet. 

Now, most modern devices have a sleek & modern design that can be integrated with most interior design styles. However, you also have to deal with wires, antennas, and other necessary accessories that don’t look that good in your well-arranged space. 

However, with a bit of effort and some good tips, you don’t have to choose between smart devices and style. In this spirit, here are three tips to help you keep even the most technologically equipped house in style.

#1: Style the Entertainment Area

In most homes, the entertainment area is the one where technical devices abound. Starting with large screen TVs, gaming consoles, surround audio systems, and ending with the wires that connect all of them, this area (or room) can become cluttered with devices. 

To avoid this, start with some smart cable management. This may require some wall damage (to put the wires through the walls), but you can always get special racks and guiding elements to keep the cables hidden from view yet easily accessible. 

I also recommend getting wall mounting systems for the TV and speakers. These usually have some type of built-in cable management and reduce the need for extra furniture. It’s also a way to use the space on the walls and reduce the clutter in the room (especially if it’s a smaller room).

Lastly, once all the devices are in place and connected, it’s time to think about the sitting area. Given that nowadays the TV screen is used for both movies and internet browsing (to access online gaming sites like Casumo, for instance) it’s important to organize the seating area accordingly. 

#2: Buy Pretty Devices

In the beginning, there were only the main producers and their designs. However, right now, the market is so diverse that it would be a shame to limit yourself to sleek black or cheap plastics. 

For instance, there are lots of cute third-party Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers available in different colors and materials, so you can adapt the device to the style of the room. The same goes for regular speakers, especially bookshelf designs that are available in natural wood casings. 

Other devices have accessories designed specifically for the purpose of making them more stylish (like a colorful protection cover for your phone), so make sure to include design and appearance in your list of features when you’re making a new tech purchase.

#3: Location & Surroundings

While color and shape are important, the location of smart devices in your home is equally important. 

For instance, you can place a large audio speaker on a stand in the corner of the room, but you can also place it in line with a lighting fixture that sits on a support made from the same material as the stand. 

Furthermore, it helps to group smart devices and cute things together. If you place a smart speaker near an elegant vase and add a candle in the middle, it looks more appealing than just the speaker alone. There is a weird sense of style when you group high-tech and non-tech items – it’s like blending the past and the future in a weirdly interesting way.

So, don’t be afraid to be bold and use unconventional interior design methods. It may take some trial and error, but you will create something that’s uniquely yours.

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