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If you’ll allow a moment of wordplay, I have to admit that I’ve really loaded my plate these last few years with responsibilities. There’s academics, my design projects, running this blog, and of course maintaining my sleep, physical health, and social life. The last thing I want to carve out time to do is to grocery shop, and so I’ve totally embraced online grocery delivery to stock my fridge and pantry. There are a few practical advantages to shopping for my groceries online – I can do it anywhere, I don’t have to do it on an empty stomach (the siren call of Costco-sized Nutella does seem a little louder when I do that), and some apps even let me schedule delivery. It boils down to convenience, but the only question really remaining is what service to choose. I’ve rounded up the best in class to help you save time and money on your grocery run or streamline your next dinner party prep!

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There’s been a lot of news surrounding Amazon’s expansion into grocery retail with their purchase of Whole Foods, but in most major cities their Amazon Fresh selection has been around for a while, offering both pantry and perishable items with Amazon’s quick delivery time. Shop Fresh on the Amazon mobile app.

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FreshDirect covers pretty much everything you can find in a normal grocery store including produce, meat, and frozen items. They offer corporate delivery and a reminder service so you can keep track of the items you order most often and remember to order them again. Find their mobile apps here.

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Public Goods has caused quite a splash with its selection bringing affordability and sustainability with every product. They’ve cut out what they call “Brand Tax” that might come with a typical brand name and have simple, brandless packaging that looks clean and elegant anywhere in your home.

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InstaCart has quickly expanded into cities across the U.S. and is #1 in the App Store for grocery delivery. It’s quick and easy to get your groceries picked up by one of their shoppers, who shop your local store and bring it right to your front door. They can message you along the way in case they can’t find anything on your list so it really gives you the convenience of easily outsourcing your shopping. Get $10 in credit on your first order here!

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Thrive Market

Thrive Market is unique because they specialize in organic and non-gmo brands, with discounts averaging around 30% off retail price. While they don’t offer perishable items, their Thrive Market has some of the best prices on pantry staples that makes shopping organic easier on your wallet. Get $20 in shopping credit here!

Have you tried any of these online grocery delivery services?

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  1. I was telling my friend about something, and part of the story involved going to the grocery store I guess, and he stopped me and asked incredulously, “You go out and buy your groceries??” And I was like, “Uhh what? You mean at a grocery store? Yeah? What do you do??” And he told me that he’s gotten in the habit of ordering groceries from Amazon Fresh and it’s changed his life 😛 I still like browsing grocery stores, but I’m not gonna lie, it’s not always fun having to carry it back to my apartment 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    Posted 10.15.17 Reply
    • Haha, what a great story! It’s crazy how many people (especially younger people) are used to ordering EVERYTHING online! There is something to be said for the convenience of delivery, but there’s definitely also something to be said for spending some time perusing your local store/market as well!

      Posted 10.15.17 Reply

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