5 Large Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Are you looking for large wall decor ideas to refresh your space?

The large empty walls filled with possibilities and new additions can make a house feel like a home. If you’re ready to transform the interior of your home, then large décor pieces for large walls are a great option.

No matter what your home design is, there are many ways to amp up your walls and bring out your style and taste. Whether you’re a sports person, book lover, a nature enthusiast, or a fitness freak, you can customize your walls according to your personality.

Here are the five large wall decor ideas that add an interesting style to your home.

#1 Create an Impressive Gallery Wall

Convert your large empty wall into a beautiful gallery wall. Filling up the wall with beautiful statement pieces can increase the beauty of your room many times. Also, the striking wall is sure to impress your guests.

You can choose to display a collection of wall art, family photographs, wall hangings, and more on the large gallery wall. Try to extend the gallery wall to the ceiling as this will create the illusion of a bigger space. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match shapes, sizes, as well as frames.

#2 Go For Oversized Wall Art

When in doubt about the wall décor, large wall art is a great option. An eye-catching wall art or canvas prints transform the look of the bedroom or living room in no time. From large family photographs to artistic paintings, large wall additions become the main focal point in your room.

Further, an oversized art piece set the tone of the room in small spaces. You can try black and white photos in a small space or can go for theme base wall art to refresh your space with the latest trend.

#3 Hang Large Wall Mirrors

Another way to update a large wall is wall mirrors. There are mirrors with stylish frames that come in different sizes. You can fill the large wall with a large mirror or can hand more than two mirrors of different sizes.

Mirrors reflect natural light, which helps make a small space look bigger and spacious.

#4 Add a Giant Blackboard or Chalkboard

A big blackboard or chalkboard is a perfect functional addition for a large wall in kids’ rooms or in the kitchen area. You can write daily chores, important events, funny quotes, and more with colored chalks on the chalkboard.

Chalkboard with colorful handmade painting and words make your space look attractive and beautiful too. You can even take it your large wall to the next level by painting the entire wall in matt black, which creates a writeable surface.

#5 Handy Shelves on the Large Wall

An easy and functional way to decorate a large wall is to fill it with floating shelves. Beyond filling the large wall, shelves allow you to display or store your favorite reads, photo frames, toys, and more. Open shelves come in many designs and sizes that will transform your wall in no time.

You can choose a solo shelf, a group of shelves, or geometric shape shelves to cover your large wall in style.

Final Words

Give your large wall a special treatment with any of the above large wall décor ideas. This helps refresh your space many times.

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