5 Plausible Reasons for Leaky Shower

A shower leak is a pervasive problem in most households. The leak can cause loss of water and results in increased water bills for no good reasons. It also gets you late for work because it is very little you can do at the moment unless you call a professional. Here are some of the most common causes of shower leaks, and you will see how easy it is to fix them. If the problem persists, it is best not to go ahead with DIY methods and call in an expert for shower repair.

1. Lime-scale Build-up

Places with hard water have a common problem- almost every fitting in the house, like faucets and showerheads, soon builds up limescale. This can be a severe problem because the limescale interrupts the water’s smooth flow through the showerhead perforations, and the water tries to come out through other joints. This causes unnecessary water loss, and you will notice your water bills piling up for no good reason.

It might also end up affecting the rubber washer, and that might have to be replaced. If the limescale has thickened over time, you should call professionals to help you remove it, or you might end up damaging the showerhead instead. The expert will properly detach the showerhead from the hose and dissolve the residue, leaving the shower spotlessly clean and normalizing the water flow.

2. Old Shower Hose

The shower hose can become brittle over years of use. Every item undergoes wear and tear, but something that stays in constant contact with water is prone to developing cracks. The constant wet and dry routine that the shower hose has to endure renders it weak, and you might notice water leaking out through cracks. The best option is to replace the hose entirely, and an expert is the best person to do it. They will determine how hard the water is in your area and the average temperature of the water you use on your premises. They will choose a hose accordingly and replace the old hose, preventing further leakage.

3. Worn Out Rubber Seal

A worn rubber seal is a prevalent cause of shower leaks. The shower mixer tap can start leaking profusely because of it. You should check the neck and the spout of the mixer to determine how severe the leak is. If it is damaged beyond repair, you should call a shower repair expert to replace the damaged seal ring. They will remove the mixer spout and replace the rubber seal inside the neck of the mixer. If the problem persists, then the expert will also check the shower valve.

4. Shower Tile Grout

Over time, the tile grout behind the shower could become loose and fall off, and the water from the shower seeps into the wall. In turn, it can cause excess moisture to build up behind the tiles, and that will slowly start affecting the plumbing behind the walls out of your sight. By the time you notice the damage, you could see some significant issues with your showerhead and the plumbing. You can call an expert to redo the grout from time to time to prevent moisture from building up behind the walls.

At times, the problem can also be with the shower supply pipe, and you will notice a gurgling sound when you turn on the faucet. The pipes could have been damaged due to pressure created by a clog of some kind. If there is a leak somewhere inside, the water might leak into the walls, and you will see the water coming out through the gaps in the tiles.

5. Faulty Shower Drains

A faulty drain can also be the reason behind your leaking shower. In such cases, you might not even notice the fault unless the water has reached the corners of the bathroom or started affecting the drywall. The drains of the shower are often connected to a mechanism known as the P-trap. It prevents the sewer gases from returning to the drain and at the same time facilitates the drain water to flush out without any interruptions. If the P-trap has not been installed properly in the first place, it could cause a leak. It is best to seek expert help and seal off the P-trap properly.

Now that you know the common reasons for a leaking shower, you will be better able to identify the problem. It is best to seek professional help at once, rather than wasting time and effort on something that needs specialized care for shower repair. With expert care, you can quickly fix shower leak issues and prevent more significant damages in the long run.

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