How to Turn Your Home Into a Modern Design Masterpiece

The interior of your home is the perfect place to show off your personality and style. Surround yourself with designs that speak to you, and you’ll create your own modern design masterpiece. If you’re not quite sure what you want, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get Open With Your Floor Plan

Open floor plans make your home feel more spacious and modern. They also improve real estate value, make a room feel bigger, and allow light from windows to fill a whole room… The space will feel lighter and brighter, which encourages you to spend time there.

Hang Pendant Lights

Pendant lights come in many designs to suit the style of your home. They’ll attract attention and make an excellent conversation piece, in addition to providing you with warm lighting.

Install Solar Panels

Give your home an energy upgrade. Solar panels are great for the environment, will lower your energy bill, and can be put in place by solar panel installers in no time.

Add Woodwork

White woodwork contrasts beautifully with walls of all colors. It will make the other colors in a space pop, while adding a bit of a traditional look to your modern space.

Consider Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a comeback. With its variety of styles, patterns, and colors there’s something for every taste. Consider papering one wall of a room to make it really stand out.

Put A Spin On Bookcases

Revolving bookcases are no longer just a staple of mystery films. You can now separate spaces in your home with bookcases that revolve in place when pushed to allow you to walk through to another room. It’s a nice way to separate two open spaces while still allowing people to come and go with ease.

Hang Modern Chandeliers

You might think chandeliers are a thing of the past but they’ve been making a comeback in modern form. They offer just the right amount of light and give a room a classy and finished feel.

Display Your Art

Whether it’s a museum piece or your own original work, art adds a sense of style and personality to a home. What you choose to display lets people know a little more about you.

Use Warm Tones

Shades of brown, green, and yellow are growing in popularity due to the warm and cozy vibe they create. They offer a sense of comfort that will resonate with you and your guests.

Bring The Bathroom To Life

Sterile white bathrooms are being replaced by bright and flashy ones. They’re a great place to experiment with new patterns or wallpapers before you try them in the rest of your home.

Decorate With Plants

Plants are a great decorating tool because they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. You can find a plant for any space, and it will add a feeling of life. They’re also incredibly useful. Plants can actually make you feel better, and they clean the air in your home.

Replace Your Headboard

Instead of a traditional tall headboard consider an upholstered wall. It’s more unique and can really make a bedroom pop. Make sure the color of your comforters and pillows blend well with the upholstery to tie the room together.

Round Those Edges

Rounded edge furniture has returned from the 80s. The throwback style can look very fun and modern when done tastefully, just stay away from those 80s patterns.

Your house is a reflection of you, so choose what speaks to you and makes you feel at home. The best way to have your own modern design masterpiece is to create a space you love that represents your own individual aesthetic.

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