How to Design The Ultimate Green Home

If you want to contribute to making the planet a better place to live in while at the same time staying true to the best home designs out there, then look no further. In this article, we’re going to help you plan the ultimate green home for sustainable living that looks good and does good for the environment.

What is a Green Home?

Unlike a typical household, green homes are made out of sustainable materials. Aside from its exterior components, actual appliances and other fixtures should also be sustainably sourced or are better alternatives to traditional items. These materials should be eco-friendly or have a significantly less impact on the Earth. So for that to happen, here’s a guide to help you when building and designing the ultimate green home.

1. Use more wood

Building a house made out of wood isn’t a foolish choice these days. And if you’re serious about having a green home, then this is the best choice. Obviously, wood is the most natural, renewable, and sustainable material for construction. It has a lower carbon footprint than other materials like concrete and steel. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t use other materials for your home. Just make wood the priority option when it comes to building the actual home but make sure to use other stronger materials, too, especially if you’re planning on building your forever home. And you need to take caution that when you create a home that’s made of pure wood the security is not going to be that maximized. Invest in a wireless security camera but solar-powered that you can put anywhere around your home to be fully secured from unwanted visitors or creatures.

2. Let the light in

If we’re talking about green homes, then these should normally be airy and a bit more open than conventional homes. The purpose of this is not just for better air circulation, but also for allowing more sun rays to come in, thus saving you tons of money on your electricity bill. The sun not only helps illuminate your beautiful home, but it will also help regulate temperature during cold times.

However, don’t forget about proper insulation to make sure that you’re in control of your home’s temperature.

3. Use solar energy to power up your home

Speaking of using the sun, one of the biggest factors of eco-homes would be the fact that they are powered by solar energy. Solar power is cheaper and a lot more sustainable compared to regular power providers.

But if you don’t like the aesthetic of solar panels on top of your beautifully wooden home, you still have the option of tapping solar power thanks to solar farms like the ones from Such solar farms enable you to use solar power without having to install any kind of solar panel at home to give you the picture-perfect green home, without the obstruction of panels on your roof or on the ground.

4. Allocate enough space for gardening

Another aspect of sustainable homes is gardens. Most green homes are literally lush with greenery, from decorative plants to vegetables and fruits that are a practical addition to any home. With enough space, a few materials, and a green thumb, your green home becomes literally green, especially during springtime.

5. Use sustainably-sourced furniture

Going inside the actual home, you can furnish your green home with sustainably-sourced furniture, like pieces made out of reclaimed wood or recycled materials. Keep an eye out for such pieces that will make your home look absolutely fabulous. Fortunately, you don’t need to scout multiple malls and warehouses to get the best pieces, since there are websites that can do the search for you.

Although, keep in mind that you need to purchase items that you would actually use. A recycled sculpture isn’t worth buying if it has no place in your home and if it’s not worth the price. Always check your budget and consult your partner before buying big-ticket items like these. After all, sustainability also means you have to have minimal trash. To do so, buy only items with a determined purpose.

6. Buy only the most efficient appliances

Lastly, to complete the components of the ultimate green home, you should complement that with energy-saving appliances that are totally worth the money. These bad boys will make your life a whole lot easier and helps the environment by using less electricity when turned on.

Knowing what it takes to have the ultimate green home is just the first step to making this a reality. There are other considerations you must know like your budget, how big your house is, and until when you’re staying in such a home. So figure that out before planning your green home to make sure that you are going to make the right decision for you and your family.

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