5 Simple & Affordable Decor Ideas To Transform Your Rooftop Space

Living in the concrete jungle will probably make you miss the clean, outdoor air and uninterrupted natural views. Limited outdoor spaces in urban homes are the problem that most urban homeowners struggle with. Thankfully, you can overcome this issue easily if you work a bit on your rooftop space. The best part is that you need not spend a fortune for transforming a drab-looking roof into a place for enjoying nature and entertaining your guests. Here are some simple and affordable decor ideas that you can try to create a perfect ambiance for your rooftop space.

Bring some shade

Rooftops tend to get hot when temperatures soar because they bear direct exposure to sunlight. Bringing some shade to the area gives respite from the heat and gives you a comfortable place to sit around even during the day. While you may build a shady structure, there are some cost-effective measures to try as well. Consider installing a canopy stand or a large umbrella if you are running short of funds.

Add some light

While bringing some shade can make the rooftop a haven during the day, you can add some light to give it a cool ambiance for the evenings. Installing a lamp post at the center is a good idea. Consider hanging up fairy lights around the place to add the fun element. You can hang around some colorful lanterns to give an extra touch of warmth. Lighting scented candles in the evening will bring a new aura to the place.

Invest in repairs and maintenance

If you are serious about ramping up your rooftop space, going the extra mile with its repair and maintenance is a good idea. Before you go ahead with decor, check the condition of the roof and get requisite repairs where needed. A well-maintained place to start with gets you a step ahead, even with basic enhancements. According to real, licensed roofers, it is important to steer clear of scammers because many face roofers are looking to take homeowners for a ride. A credible one would suggest repairs only where needed so that you can go ahead with a decor plan once repairs are sorted out.

Create a green space

Another rooftop decor idea that looks great is a garden with your favorite herbs and plants. It is something you would yearn to do if you are a gardening enthusiast. Pick plants that thrive even in direct sunlight because you wouldn’t have to worry a lot about their maintenance. You can place them strategically to ensure that they still stay safe from excess sunlight. A good layout would add to the aesthetic value of the place.

Install an outdoor kitchen

For party-loving homeowners, it is easy to integrate an outdoor kitchen into your rooftop decor.  All you need to do is put up a barbecue grill and a small outdoor dining table, and you can host the best rooftop parties for your gang. Install a small makeshift bar on a table in the corner to create the party vibe. Throw around some rugs and cushions on the floor, and you have a perfect recipe for a great evening.

A cozy outdoor space on the rooftop is a dream for any homeowner. Surprisingly, these easy and affordable ideas can help you create one without burning a hole in your pocket.

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