FAQ Session: Answering 10 Commonly Asked Questions About Home Flotation Tanks

Flotation is the best way to relieve stress and anxiety. When looking for the best home flotation tanks, you have to consider their best features. Not all products are created the same, and some may work better than others for your needs. Before investing in a home flotation tank, become familiar with the most common questions.

1. What Is Flotation?

Flotation is an affordable way to relieve anxiety and stress. You can relax in peace with a home flotation tank. There are several customization options, with the biggest changes being geared towards temperature and water type.

2. How Often Can It Be Used?

You can use a flotation tank as needed, but the typical use is once or twice a week. With that said, there is also nothing wrong with using the tank on a daily basis.

3. Is It Safe?

Absolutely! Floating in a flotation tank is meant to be a leisure activity. The only time it is unsafe is for individuals under the age of 16, or for people with specific medical conditions.

4. What About Claustrophobia?

When you’re inside of a flotation tank, it is much more spacious than it looks on the outside. When purchasing a home model, look for the interior dimensions to gauge your wiggle room.

5. Are Their Size Requirements?

Size is something that is more restricted by height rather than weight. As long as you’re not unusually tall (7 ft.) then it shouldn’t be a problem.

6. Should You Limit Your Time in The Tank?

Everyone will have a different limit, with beginners usually floating for a few hours. But the recommended average time is between 60-90 minutes.

7. What Are the Side Effects?

Motion sickness is a common complaint until you get used to the idea of being weightless. During (or after) the first session, your body will get used to the position.

8. Do You Wear Clothes in The Tank?

Clothes are not necessary, and will actually nullify a lot of the pleasing effects of the flotation tank. Since this is a home flotation tank, you will have complete privacy while floating.

9. What Are the Requirements?

There are no hard requirements for a flotation tank. But to increase your enjoyment, make sure that the room it is used in is spacious.

10. Can You Drown in A Flotation Tank?

One of the biggest myths about a floatation tank is drowning. It is nearly impossible for this to happen, even if you fall asleep. The water is barely above 10 inches as you are floating, and will naturally keep you above the surface. In an uncommon situation where you fall asleep and rollover, the salt in the water will irritate your eyes to force you awake.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to be a star athlete to appreciate the usefulness of a home flotation tank. The daily stresses are random, and it’s up to you to be prepared. Get the comfort and relaxation you deserve by purchasing a feature-rich home flotation tank. If you have the space, then it’ll be the healthiest purchase of a lifetime.

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