6 Inspiring Lessons From People With Clean & Shiny Homes

6 Inspiring Lessons From People With Clean & Shiny Homes 1

Your home mirrors your personality, which is the reason why homeowners are willing to do whatever it takes to make their places clean and appealing. But keeping your home super-clean takes more effort than you can think. It is a daunting task, no matter how small or big your space is. It never stops because the moment you become complacent, your place starts gathering dust and grime.

You could go wrong in more than one way, from not being regular with the cleaning routine to using the wrong products or even using the right products the wrong way. It sounds confusing but a little resourcefulness, creativity, and investment can take you a long way. You can also follow these inspiring lessons from people whose living spaces are always clean and shiny.

Lesson #1: Clean as you go

It is easy to feel lazy and postpone little things when it comes to cleaning, but you will end up with heaps of work that is hard to handle. Consider the sight of a mountain of dishes in your kitchen sink after a weekend party. Your living room will be in a mess as well. Things could get a lot easier if you clean as you go. Wash pans after cooking dishes, so that you don’t have a sinkful of them even before the party starts. Wash the serving bowls as they get empty. Never leave dishes overnight because your kitchen will smell bad in the morning.  Make cleaning as you go a part of your daily routine, not just something you do when attending guests.

Lesson #2: Set time for quick daily clean-ups

You may be the busiest mommy struggling to squeeze time between work, home, and kids. Although daily mopping and dusting may seem like a massive task, you can opt for quick daily clean-ups. Set the timer every morning and do a quick cleaning for your living space. You can divide the workload with your partner and kids so that it is possible to cover the entire house. If you don’t have help, consider dividing the tasks into morning and evening slots. A little cleaning refresh makes your place look good and does wonders for your morale.

Lesson #3: Utilize the weekends for aggressive work

A quick daily routine sets up your place, but you cannot afford to feel lazy on the weekends. Utilize them for aggressive work, right from vacuuming the whole house to deep cleaning the refrigerator, pantry, and kitchen cabinets and scrubbing the bathroom tiles. Check the nooks and crevasses to ensure that there aren’t any signs of bugs and rodents. Move the furniture and clean thoroughly. Consider washing curtains once every few months to give your house a fresh, new feel.

Lesson #4: Avail professional cleaning for carpets

When you invest in carpets and rugs for your house, you must also be committed to regular cleaning. Since these are expensive accessories, it is best to have carpet cleaning experts doing the job. They will use the right materials and equipment for cleaning, which means that your carpet will retain its shine and beauty even after regular cleaning jobs. Look for a provider with certified professionals who know the in and out of the job. Also, check the price of the service because you will not want to spend a fortune on regular clean-ups.

Lesson #5: Put things at the right places immediately

Another helpful piece of advice is to put away your stuff at the right places immediately. No matter how tired you feel, put dirty clothes in the laundry and hang clean ones before going to bed. Leave your shoes in the shoe rack the moment you enter the house. Hang the keys at their place so that you need not struggle to find them the next morning. Allocate space for everything and ensure that you put your stuff there. The habit will make a cleaner living space and a more organized life.

Lesson #6: Declutter regularly

Smart homeowners who want to go the extra mile with aesthetics are regular with decluttering their homes. A periodic declutter routine for your house creates more space, making it easier to clean and organize. You also need less time cleaning things because you will have fewer of them. Eliminate everything you do not use or need, and avoid impulsive buying. If you prioritize cleanliness for your living space, follow the minimalist approach.

These inspiring and actionable lessons by homeowners have a practical appeal. They are easy to implement and do not burn a hole in your pocket. Go ahead and pick them as everyday habits!

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