6 Things to Consider When Purchasing Cordless Combo Kits

To buy the right cordless combo kit, you need to look for the ones that are easy to operate, the battery life, cost, voltage use, versatility, and additional features.

6 Things to Consider When Purchasing Cordless Combo Kits 1

Power tools are necessary, and useful in your everyday life.

You can use them to repair any furniture or rebuild any old one in a new way. That is why it is always beneficial to have a powerful tool ready at your disposal. This is even more crucial for an artisan who works with these tools every day.

But choosing the right cordless power tool can be confusing, as there is an array of tools. This is where this article will assist you.

Why You Should Get Cordless Combo Kits

Buying cordless combo kits is different from buying individual tools. Although buying a combo kit might be more expensive, but they have a few benefits that include-

1. Easy To Store

The Biggest Benefit of the combo kits is that they are easy to store. Since the tools in a combo kit are designed to fit in one simple bag, it is very easy to store them after use.

2. Economically Efficient

Although the combo kit might look expensive at first, if you add the price of each separate tool and additional accessories, you will find the total price is much higher than the combo pack, making it a good choice for DIY enthusiasts.

It is always a good idea to buy the combo pack, even though you need to spend a big chunk of money at once.

3. Better For More Intense Work

Works like building wooden furniture, or repairing damaged objects, or large projects require you to use multiple tools. But with a combo kit, you will have all the tools right in your hand.

For instance, combo kits from Makita & DeWalt come with hammer drills, circular saws, power drills and so much more. Choosing between these two industry giants can be confusing. To get a better insight you can check out posts by Professional Handyman and Woodworker Tom Bradly.

How To Choose The Right Cordless Combo Kit

Now that you know, the huge benefits of a combo kit, we will help you to decide how to choose the right combo kit.

1. How Easy They Are To Use

There are a variety of cordless power tools. Many of these power tools have unique features, but additional features do not necessarily make them better. Sometimes these tools with different features are harder to operate.

If you have a power drill with complex features, it might be difficult to operate. So while choosing, get the one that has easy features.

2. The Battery Life Of The Tools

Since cordless tools are not directly linked to a power supply, batteries are used as the source of power.

Therefore, battery plays a vital part in deciding which power tool kit to buy. It is always beneficial to buy a power tool kit that has long battery life. This ensures the longevity of the kit. In case you are working in a remote area and need to recharge the battery, your kit becomes useless if you cannot do that.

Besides, you also need to find out if the batteries can be changed easily if they need replacement.

3. The Cost Of The Combo Kit

Price is a big factor. There is a large market for combo kits.

The purpose of the kits might be the same, but the price will vary, so do some price checks, as tool combo kits are somewhat expensive.  Without research, you might be paying more for a kit, while the same one is available at a much lower price in another market

4. The Voltage Use Of The Tools

Just as we mentioned earlier, these tools are expensive, and if they require high voltage to recharge, then more power consumption will increase the cost even further. Higher voltage also increases the weight of the tool, as the batteries are bigger and heavier.

This makes it harder to carry around. Normally, the ideal voltage would be 18 volts. This can provide a sufficient amount of power without increasing the weight of the tools. So select a tool combo kit that uses power of 18 volts.

5. The Versatility Of The Tools

The tools in a combo kit should be versatile. The tools themselves are a one-purpose use. For example, you cannot use a drill to hammer or a hammer to drill.

That is why you must have a combo kit that has an array of tools for different purposes. For example, a versatile combo kit would include a driller, a hammer, a circular saw, a wrench, and a grinder.

6. Additional Accessories

A good combo tool kit should include additional accessories. Accessories are necessary because the tools in the kit might get damaged, and need a replacement.

An ideal power tool combo kit should have additional circular blades, batteries, work LED lights, extra chargers, contractor bags, etc.

Generally, combo kits that have all these accessories might be expensive, but in the end, it reduces the cost of future maintenance. So this is a trade-off between upfront cost and costs in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Combo kits can be a much better choice than buying each tool individually. They provide more flexibility and can make tasks much easier. If you feel the need to buy a cordless combo kit, then simply follow the tips mentioned above.

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