7 Features You Have to Put on Your New Construction Home Checklist

7 Features You Have to Put on Your New Construction Home Checklist 1

When you tell people that you’re building a new home, do they use words like “overwhelming”, “daunting”, or “ambitious”? The truth is that new construction can be all of those things – but it can also be exciting and rewarding.

The key to building your perfect home starts with organization. Building a new construction home checklist can reduce chaos and promote a seamless construction project and timeline.

Check out the list below for new home features you’ll want to include on your construction checklist!

1. Custom Shelving

When you have the opportunity to build your own home, you can choose custom shelving to create a functional focal point for the dining room, living room, or bedrooms. Consider adding a built-in bookshelf or custom shelving for an entertainment system to make the most out of the space.

Shelving is great for storage and decoration display too. It can save you from having to buy stand-alone shelving items like a TV stand or a freestanding bookcase

2. Cabinet Lighting

You can install under-cabinet lighting for function and aesthetics. It’s a nice alternative to turning on bright, harsh kitchen lights first thing in the morning or late at night. You can choose LED strips or individual lights to add to cabinets. 

3. Solar Panels

If your goal is to build a more sustainable home, consider installing solar panels. You can save on energy costs and help the planet! Find a reputable solar installation company in your area to walk you through the process and the cost.

4. Heated Floors

Consider adding heated floors to your bedroom and bathroom for a more comfortable surface when you get out of the shower or walk with bare feet. Heated floors can also help heat the entire room efficiently.

5. Accessible Outlets

When in doubt, add more outlets. Whether it’s to charge your phone or plug in the vacuum, accessible outlets are key when building a new home. Your electrician may have suggestions based on the home’s existing wiring, but if you have additional ideas, don’t be afraid to ask!

6. Upscale Outdoor Space

Create your very own outdoor paradise by customizing an upscale outdoor living area. From a stone-top bar to an in-ground pool, the sky is the limit for your outdoor space. Consider the most important features when hosting a party or enjoying a sunny day outside with your family when planning the features of your outdoor construction. 

7. Main Floor Laundry

If your bedroom is on the second floor of the house, you may want to install your laundry on the same floor. It will save you the hassle of carrying laundry up and down the stairs.

If your house is on a single floor, consider choosing a convenient location for the laundry closer to the bedroom. As long as the appliances are quiet, this setup will be great!

Build Your New Construction Home Checklist 

Now you have 7 new ideas to add to your new construction home checklist. Remember that the process of building a new home should be fun and exciting – not stressful.

Think about how happy and comfortable you will be living in the new space you designed. And don’t be afraid to ask questions of your construction and contracting team if you have them – they are there to help!

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