8 Reasons Why Your Home May Have Bad Odors

Your home may look like a million bucks, but it could smell terrible. We’ve discussed all the reasons there may be odors in your home, as well as how you can deal with them. 


Your furniture may be old. There would be a lot of odors trapped in them. The wood may have absorbed moisture too. Getting the pieces upholstered would help you ger rid of the odors. However, it might be more affordable to buy new furniture. 


Just like how the fabric on your furniture may have trapped odors, this could be true for your carpets as well. Thankfully, if you regularly vacuum them, this won’t be a problem. 

Wall-to-wall carpets are also dated. Get rid of them. They could be hiding your beautiful hardwood floors. 


Don’t leave laundry around the house. Wet clothes can give off odors. If you’re dealing with a moisture problem, the water evaporating from the clothes would contribute to it. As discussed, mold and fungi could grow.  

Speaking of laundry, Febreze can help your home smell better. Spray it on anything that you can’t regularly wash. 


Do you have any pets? You might not be bathing them as often as you should. Dogs are active. Your furry friend may regularly be getting himself dirty. 


Excess moisture in the air would cause mold and fungi to grow. Not only would your health be affected, but they would give off a stench too. How can you deal with humidity? Improve the ventilation.

Unfortunately, there may be mold growing on your windows. If this is the case, you can get a replacement windows rebate. You would be able to get replacements for an affordable rate. 

If you’re looking for windows in Oakville, there are many companies to work with. This would help you save money as well, as you’ll be able to find someone within your price range. 


It won’t be hard to tell if there are pests in your home, as there would be a very strong odor. You’ll likely see droppings and trails too. If you’re lucky, you might see the critters on the move. You’ll be able to tell where they’re hiding. 

You don’t have to hire professionals or spend a lot to handle the pests. There would be a lot of traps at the hardware store.  


Mold grows in bathrooms, as it’s usually a humid environment. You would usually find the microorganism between tiles. Bathrooms can also smell bad if any pipes are blocked. You might need a plumber’s help to fix this. 


How often do you clean the house? If you’re very busy, you may not have time to vacuum that often. However, there could be leftovers and food crumbs scattered around your house if you don’t eat everywhere. As they rot, there would be a foul odor in the air. 

There are several reasons why your house may smell bad. If you improve the ventilation on the property, the stench could be dealt with.