8 Tips for Keeping Your Winter Wardrobe Organized

It can be difficult to find your favorite winter coat in a messy closet. This post will provide you some simple advice on how to organize your winter clothes.

8 Tips for Keeping Your Winter Wardrobe Organized 1

Winter is approaching, which means it’s time to get out your jumpers, sweaters, and other warm clothing from the back of the closet. If you only have a small amount of storage space, you’ll have to shuffle and store your clothes according to season. It’s not difficult to rearrange and organize your closet. Some people, on the other hand, find it difficult to keep track of their belongings and eventually end up mixing summer and winter clothing.

Since you will need to switch out your lightweight wardrobe with warm winter clothes soon, here are some quick and easy tips to keep your wardrobe organized.  

1. Thin out Your Wardrobe

Naturally, you will not be able to store all your different types of clothes in a single wardrobe or closet. Winter clothes take up way more space than spring and summer clothes. 

To make space, you have to take out the clothes and accessories you won’t be using during the cold winter.

You will most likely not be needing any light cotton t-shirts, cotton shorts, straw hats, and sundresses any time soon. Beach season is long gone, and if you do not keep your bright, colorful clothes in a separate closet, they will get wrinkled, and the color may fade as well. Store them in clothes vacuum bags so they can remain fresh.

2. Arrange Similar Items Together

For your winter wardrobe, you are likely going to have multiple hoodies, jackets, sweaters, headscarves, and some other accessories. If you place them all together, it is just going to become a big pile of thick clothes, and you will have a headache finding your favorite hoodie or sweater.

The clothes may also get wrinkled if they are cramped up in a small space. So, the wisest thing to do would be to organize your wardrobe in a way so that similar items are stored together. 

Keep all your hoodies together but separate from all the jackets. Keep your sweaters in another drawer. Have one drawer or a separate spot for your formal attire like blazers and long evening dresses. 

Another should be kept for the clothes you are only going to wear when you are at home, like your sweat pants, joggers, and fuzzy hoodies.

There are a few different ways you can organize your wardrobe. It can take a while to arrange similar clothes, but once you are done, your wardrobe will have a complete makeover.

3. Wash the Clothes before Storing 

Do not just take your summer clothes out of the wardrobe and place them in separate storage. It might make them smelly and even damage the quality of the fabric. Worst of all, if there are any stains on your clothes, they will settle more deeply. 

To make sure your clothes stay fresh over a long time, wash them before storing them. It will remove any stain or dirt and keep them in good condition. Clean clothes also do not attract bugs or pests that may ruin the texture of your clothes.

4. Store Clothes in Plastic Containers

Plastic containers have a lot of benefits over cardboard or wooden containers. First of all, plastic containers are airtight. Air can hardly go inside these containers, and that means bacteria or small insects that feast on fabric won’t be able to go inside either. 

This ensures that your clothes last a long time. Wooden containers can also be airtight, but since you will be storing your clothes for at least 4-5 months, the wooden container can develop fungi if left unattended. These fungi can then harm your clothes. So plastic containers are your go-to option.

5. Add Hooks and Racks on the Wall

Hooks and racks are a great way to hang your hoodies or other accessories. In winter, you will be wearing scarves, caps, and beanies. You can place them in your wardrobe if you want to, but having them placed on a rack makes it easier to wear them when you are heading out. 

If your cap stays stored inside the wardrobe, it will be out of your sight, and you may forget about it for the entire winter, but if it is hanging on the wall, you are going to wear it one day or another.

6. Find a Separate Place for Winter Boots

Your summer shoes do not get wet when you go out unless you deliberately get them wet. Your winter boots can easily get wet and soggy because of the snow or fog. And when you return home with these wet boots, they can make your house dirty as well. 

Most people have a separate compartment for shoes in their wardrobe. That place is perfect for summer shoes. But do not place your winter boots there too. The water from these boots can create a bad stench in the wardrobe if you store them there and even ruin the material. 

Store them away from the wardrobe where they can dry up properly. This will also ensure that your boots last longer. Keeping them close to a heater can also be good.

7. Do Not Hang All Your Clothes

In your wardrobe, there are shelves where you can fold your clothes and hangers where you can hang other clothes. You need to know which type of clothes you can hang, and which type of clothes you need to fold.

Knitted or cotton clothes cannot be kept hanging. They can stretch and become loose if you keep them like that for a long time. 

So, you need to fold them and place them on shelves. Your heavier clothes, such as leather jackets or blazers, which do not stretch, can be hung. So, store your clothes wisely.

8. Hire a Professional Organizer

Although it may appear extravagant, some people hire professional organizers to help them arrange their closets. They’ll check your closet, the amount of room you have, and how many clothes you have and organize accordingly.

They will come up with various ideas on how to decorate your wardrobe and your room. They will show you multiple ideas, and you can pick the best one. This can also be a great way to winterize your room. 

Final Thoughts

Clothing can keep you warm and comfortable, but only if you look after it. Clothing that is stored properly can be kept in good condition for a long period. Winter clothing is heavier and larger than summer clothing. Thus, it takes up more room. If you don’t want to waste time searching through a pile of items for your favorite jacket, organize your closet immediately.