9 Beautiful Concrete Patio Ideas and Designs

There are now emerging popularity with concrete patios St Louis. It’s a suitable exterior concrete product that exudes versatility. That is the reason why modern contemporary artists and landscape designers produce great results from this sturdy structure. 

A concrete patio achieves coherent aesthetics for the outdoors. Enhancing your properties’ look will begin with polished concrete. Get ready. You may need to jot down useful, inspiring from these noteworthy designs to plan and share with your concrete patio contractors

1- Backyard Safari

Ever dream of a vacation spree in Africa. It indeed has the most tantalizing nature scenery. Added to that is the wildlife experience you share with the freely grazing creatures among Africa’s m=famous safari destination. 

Make this exist right in your backyard, at least by renovation your patio. Safari-inspired designs make use of earth tones and elements really well. No other flooring material can translate nature’s language exquisitely than concrete footings. 

2- Steve Martino-Inspired Landscape

Have you heard of Stev Martino? He is a famous artist who earns prominence using desert plants in his designs. 

Cactus, temperate plants are Martino’s trademark. A distinct style uses the grey plain, texture of concrete slabs as its base, and background of the motif. Accenting the red color as the landscape’s midground and then placing the green contrast balances the overall aesthetic. 

3 – Mod Motif

Mod is the concept of using amoeba walls in outdoor spaces. Patios with concrete floors go well with this contemporary style. It looks chic and modern. Amoeba walls also play a specific function of regulating the light distribution in an outdoor space. Other modern exterior design approaches are with the use of mirror walls, water vortex, and more. 

4- Lines and Planes

Leading lines that guide your eyes on a perfect angle makes a spectacular aesthetic appeal. These patterns suit modern and minimalist designs. Patios with squared stamp concrete meld perfectly with linear walls. Linear structures are clean and easy on the eyes. A famous designer with a distinct linear trademark is Randy Angell.

5- Bold And Straightforward

In contrast to linear shapes, bold geometric outlines inspire both your patio’s flooring design and background motif. Simple or irregular shapes incorporate through the forms of walls, pools’ deck, and outdoor furniture arrangement.

6- Construct form Colors

Colored concrete is a fantastic source of ideas for designing your patio. Simply construct a design based on the tones and elements that the shades of the stones, pebbles, and cement translate. 

Go for a simple, earthy theme. Reddish-brown concrete to make a nice contrast with the dark green ornamental plants in your patios. 

7- Classic Polished Transitions

Incorporating transition areas that connect your indoor space to the patio adds form to the function. This space can be enhanced by adding roofing to it. Or surround with glass walls and windows. 

Sliding doors attached can also be desired to fully open that smoothens your passing from indoor to the outdoors. 

8 – Suburb Ambience

Acid washed concrete is perfect for exterior floors. The patio can achieve a rustic, delicate suburb ambiance. Partner it with a fire pit that illuminates a subtle feel at dusk.

9- Northwest Neutral

The Northwest Modern style displays an articulate play of neutral colors. This approach matches perfectly with white-washed or light grey concrete in the outdoors. 

Building the exterior walls and roofs with black steel and grey granite borders around the edges. Northwest design combines the corporate look with a minimalist theme.

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