Common Pest Problems That Homeowners Can Expect in Winter

Winter is an incredible time of the year, with snowy weather and the holiday season around. Another thing that homeowners like about this season is that you will probably not see any pests in your living space. But that doesn’t mean they are not there- the danger is still lurking though it may be out of sight. It makes sense to be prepared so that you can keep your living space and health safe from these unwanted intruders. The first step is to be aware of the potential threats and have the right strategies to deal with them. Here are the most common pest problems that homeowners can expect in the winter.

Mice infestations

It is easy to believe that rodents hibernate once the chilly weather sets. Unexpectedly, mice infestation cases increase during the colder months. You can expect the problem to aggravate because these creatures would seek shelters indoors rather than endure sub-zero temperatures outdoors. Your home can be ideal for them as it offers food, warmth, and security. If you are vigilant enough, you can detect the signs of mice infestations early and take the requisite control measures. These include mouse droppings, strange odors, chew marks on cardboards and furniture, and noises coming from the ceiling and walls.

Cockroach colonies

Wherever there is food and moisture in your living space, you are likely to find cockroaches regardless of the weather. Kitchens and bathrooms happen to be their favorite hideouts because of obvious reasons. You can see them in the drawers, around pipes, and under appliances. The best approach would be to invest in Residential Pest Control right at the start of the season to get rid of the ones that are already there. Also, ensure that new ones don’t make their way inside later during the season. Ensuring that there are no leaks would help, while you also need to be careful about no leaving crumbs strewn around in the kitchen. Invest in airtight containers to store food properly.

Spider nests

Another pest issue that you may encounter in winters is an increasing number of spider nests around the house. These tiny pests are active throughout the year but often go unnoticed because they frequent places you seldom visit, such as attics and basements. If you look around closely, you may also notice small webs in the corners of your rooms. There will be plenty of them on your holiday decorations as well. Spiders are easy to miss during winters, but they are sturdy creatures that easily survive low temperatures. You need to be extra watchful and remove the webs as and when you notice them, or you may end up with a major infestation before you know.

Pests are dangerous for your health and property, regardless of the season or time of the year. You need to take them seriously at all times, even when they are not visible around but hibernating somewhere in the nooks and crannies to stay safe from the temperature drops. A proper approach to pest management and control is the key to staying safe.

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