A list of the best weather-inspired home decor accessories for your new abode

A list of the best weather-inspired home decor accessories for your new abode 1

Rain, clouds, and sunshine have already made their appearance on everything from furniture to wallpaper. If you’re a weather observer who loves to observe the weather outside, you may usually do it by taking a look at the density of clouds in the sky. As clouds have always been an eye-catching sight outdoor, why not bring in the essence of weather patterns into your daily home decor?

Now, do you use a daily weather update for staying updated with the weather in your locality and in other countries? Well, humans have always shown their interest in being able to predict or check the weather ahead of time.  Right from ancient tribesmen who had the ability to predict rain to hyperlocal weather apps that can share every detail such as pollen index and pollution data, we have come a long way.

As we keep ourselves secluded and protected from the weather outside, we also draw inspiration from it. Here are a few home decor items that draw inspiration from the weather.

Nebula 12

Have you heard of weather-mimicking lights? The Nebula 12 offers a concept that has been introduced by Micasa LAB in Zurich, Switzerland and it is an intelligent light that syncs with the meteorological data and lets it bring the outside weather inside your home. With the help of Wifi and a blend of water and liquid nitrogen, you get a circulating steam cloud, mist, fog, and other weather conditions. Apart from mimicking snow and rain, the Nebula 12 can also mimic various extent of sunlight during daytime.

The Jamaica Pendant Lamp

Do you want a cozy indoor atmosphere? If yes, the Curled up Jamaica Pendant Lamp will come to the rescue. This is a light fixture that can very soon become an eyesore as it will be the most glaring thing in your room. The lamp is impressive with a smooth aesthetic and with the light rays that it emits. It gives a subtle glow from various perspectives and it provides adequate beams that can illuminate dining tables and other things. This lovely lamp brings tranquillity and beauty to any type of space.

Volcano Humidifier

By the name of this product, it is clear that a volcano humidifier mimics an active volcano. It has been created by designer Dae-hoo Kim and is a sleek gadget that utilizes a blend of water vapor and soft lights to design the illusion of an active volcano that is erupting. This volcano humidifier releases vapor as if there is a real erupting volcano that is releasing smoke. The humidifier also releases a vapor as if a volcano is actually releasing smoke. In order to use the humidifier, you have to pour water from the top and switch it.

Nature-K Pendant Lamp

This is an extremely simple-looking object; the Nature-K Pendant Lamp has much more to offer than what you may expect. This is a suspended light fixture that affords adequate illumination to illuminate the room and also enhance the aroma. This takes the shape of a fluffy cloud and the metal outline is embedded with different sized LED lights. The dish can be filled with different materials like fragrant potpourri or charcoal. Hence, the Nature-K pendant lamp aids both scent and sight.

Eos Feather Lamp

The Eos feather lamp is a nice and modern piece of decorating item for your home. This is a light fixture that has real feathers of birds carefully to a core base made with paper and then suspended from the ceiling with the help of a metal rod. The feathers give an ethereal glow which is perfect for relaxation and rest. Apparently, it looks like a fluffy piece of cloud but once you take a closer look at it, you’ll see the splendid plumes offering the avian effect. Thanks to this soft feathered light that you get a faded glowing ambiance in your room.

Cloud Shelf

It doesn’t happen too often that home decor items are made with multi-dimensional cues. This is why this Cloud Shelf has become a nice addition to add character to your space. It comes with physical shelves and wall decals and is a smart option to add to a space that needs a touch of style but also needs to store important items. It has become a darling piece of decor not only due to its perfect blend with dimensions but also because it looks exactly like clouds. Looking at it will certainly bring a smile to your face.

So, if you’re a homeowner who prefers infusing a little bit of seasonal weather inside your home, you may choose from any of the above-listed creative decor ideas. These gadgets will definitely have you talking about the regular weather conditions whenever you look at them.

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