Classic Colours: 5 Decor Styles That Are Here To Stay

In this day and age, interior design trends come and go faster than we may think possible. One season, our accent walls are the pride and joy of our living spaces, and the next, they’re a complete eyesore. Even so, there’s no denying that there are some decor styles out there that are just fresh, functional, and flexible enough that they can withstand the twists and turns of the zeitgeist.

Here are five decor styles that may help you create some truly timeless interiors.

Classic Colours: 5 Decor Styles That Are Here To Stay 1

1. Coastal Hamptons

A growing favourite across Australia, this classically easy breezy style is all about celebrating living slowly and in harmony with the natural world. If you’re looking to transform your home into a Hamptons haven, look no further than whitewashed timber furniture, floor coverings made with natural fibres like jute, and new sheer curtains to ensure your Hamptons interior has plenty of natural light.

You can make this style your very own by straying from its traditionally blue and white colour palette and introducing new elements such as some vibrant, native potted plants, or hanging some modern, artistic prints and other bold accent pieces.

2. Scandinavian

Scandinavian interiors have won the hearts of designers all over the world for their ability to be streamlined and functional as well as being expressive to boot! As a style, Scandinavian interior design prioritises ensuring that any given space reflects the concept of hygge, a Danish term which basically means finding ‘comfort’ and ‘contentment’ in the ‘little things’.

The most charming aspect of Scandinavian interiors tends to be their innate ability to bring the occupants of that home to the forefront. Ideally, when you walk into a Scandinavian-inspired room, anything that catches the eye, from the colour of the walls to the texture of the couch cushions, should be recognisable as a reflection of the person or people who occupy that space.

To give your home a Scandinavian feel, strip your spaces down to the absolute minimum, and then proceed to add precious accents like seashells from a memorable beach day, family photos from holidays, and other unique elements to really personalise your space. Your home will not only serve you well, but it will also be a playful reflection of you and your loved ones.

3. Contemporary Minimalist

Unlike Scandinavian interior design, contemporary minimalism is all about functionality and streamlining your home over personalisation. That being said, it’s not impossible to personalise your contemporary minimalist space. This particular decor style places great emphasis on keeping interior spaces clean and simplistic through utilising a largely monochromatic colour scheme, but one of the foundational principles of the minimalist movement dictates that every single item in your home must have personal value. This radical design practice encourages you to connect with every object in your home environment, and that it is through that personal connection that the environment becomes innately yours as well. 

In essence, minimalism subverts the idea of design trends entirely. Pay no mind to external influences here. The only thing that matters is what is personal to you.

4. French Provincial

Speaking of saying a firm goodbye to trends, French provincial interiors are the way to go if you have an endless love for classic elements like fine lace curtains, crown moldings, parquet flooring, chandeliers, and timelessly coveted pieces like clawfoot bathtubs. French provincial is all about simple settings with a little helping of European luxury. You will almost always want your walls to be white and your floors to be dark to create a lovely colour contrast that will form the backdrop of your romantic interior spaces. 

It must be said that French provincial interiors are also highly flexible spaces. They can be transformed into contemporary spaces with a classic twist quite easily by incorporating a smattering of modern accents. Just be sure to keep the ratio between your romantic and modern elements nice and balanced.

5. Bohemian

The bohemian decor style has gained a reputation for being the black sheep in the world of interior design. Why? Because of its tendency to break rules! Designers have debated over whether or not to even refer to the bohemian decor style as a truly established interior style, as it is highly changeable and tends to adopt elements from a myriad of other cultures across the globe. Creating boho interiors is all about throwing caution to the wind. Feel free to clash colours and patterns, and incorporate a hodgepodge of accents from a variety of sources. Pair light and airy Indian throws and pouffes with woven Latin American wall hangings and terra cotta pots. Cover your walls with photographs and art from all corners of the world. Make the space your very own by using colours and textures that appeal to you and use accents that are highly personal like subtle souvenirs, as is also practiced in the Scandinavian style.

Finally, it’s worth noting that when it comes to modern interior design, it can be all too easy to follow design trends and wind up with impersonal interiors that mimic magazine spreads. Mimicry should never be your end goal. These decor styles are simply templates that are used to unlock the foundation of your own style. 

In essence, don’t be afraid to keep experimenting. This is a jumping off point. See where you go from here!

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