A Space Dialogue


The 2008 recession created a lot of changes for my family, specifically causing us to move. This was the start to a whole new chapter in my life. Moving was, and is, a very stressful process (and especially so when one of your dog dies two days into it), but seeing our furniture in a different  house made me see it through a whole new lens, but also made me love it even more. We created our home in a whole different place but we had these pieces of furniture that stuck with us and provided the structure for our family setting and aesthetic in a completely different space. It is literally the fabric and color of our house, and I love the stories it tells in any space it occupies.

There are always those little corners, furniture, or details in your home that you love, be it the color or texture or unique quirkiness that sticks so vividly in your memory, but those details are the essence of your home, the spaces we most fondly associate with feeling safe and protected, or just plain comfortable. These spaces that shape our domestic life are so unique to each person and provide a special lens into someone’s life, and so I created A Space Dialogue to prompt you to consider these reminiscent spaces that you recall when you think of your home.

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White and gold is a killer combination, but I also love the entry to my home because the photos on the wall are all taken by my grandfather, who I never got to meet but who’s creative spirit I deeply admire. These photographs have welcomed me in every space we’ve been fortunate enough to call home, and they are so interesting to me because my grandfather captured the simple details of New Orleans, where he took the photos, that are so unique and representative of the European influence in the city’s culture. He had a great eye.

I’d like to challenge Latrina, Miranti, Jessica, Corina and any of my readers, to share their own space dialogues!

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