If Spring Were a Cottage…

… it would be this bright and clean renovated cottage, filled with light and just the right amount of rustic accents to create that homey aesthetic. I have to admit that the words ‘rustic’ or ‘cottage’ do not say home to me, but I this cottage showcases a brilliant balance of white space and warm rustic accents (mostly being raw wood) to add that warm aspect without getting too stuffy.

If Spring Were a Cottage... 1

If Spring Were a Cottage... 2

What’s not too love about windows with lots of panes, am I right? Plus, subway tiles and dark grout seem to be just the ticket when it comes to bathrooms these days.

If Spring Were a Cottage... 3

The bedroom boasts an incredibly tall ceiling, from which hang two long pendant lights which add a nice eclectic touch to the room. Another interesting part to the bedroom is the smooth white floors, very different from the warm hardwood in the kitchen and bathroom above.

If Spring Were a Cottage... 4

(via Home Life, photographed by Armelle Habib)

Another bathroom, this one featuring neat sliding doors and some very vintage-looking drawers below the white sink, which is very slick and modern. A nice contrast, complemented nicely with a green branch. Can’t go wrong with some greenery!

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