15 AI Interior Design Apps to Transform Your Space

AI interior design harnesses artificial intelligence to transform how we decorate spaces. These apps use AI to provide personalized design suggestions and realistic visualizations, making interior design accessible and efficient.

Explore the top 15 AI interior design apps that stand out in the market. Each offers features like smart style matching and virtual room planning. Perfect for design experts and enthusiasts alike, these tools are designed to elevate any space with ease.

Dive into the world of intelligent design and see how technology can bring your vision to life. Keep reading to find the perfect AI assistant for your interior design journey.

What are the top 15 AI Interior Design Apps?

Here’s a list of AI interior design apps for you to choose from:

AI Room Planner

15 AI Interior Design Apps to Transform Your Space 1
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AI Room Planner is an interior design tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate hundreds of design ideas for a room. Users can access these ideas free of charge and without any limits, especially since the product is currently in beta testing. The tool allows for experimentation with various design styles and visualizes how a space could look and feel. To use the service, a user needs to enter their email on the AI Room Planner website and then click a confirmation link sent to their inbox. Users can enjoy the current functionality of the AI Room Planner for free, but the terms may change in the future without notification.


15 AI Interior Design Apps to Transform Your Space 2
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Architechtures is an AI-powered building design platform that provides tools for architects and real estate developers to design optimal residential developments quickly. It uses generative AI technology to assist in creating residential projects by producing solutions that meet design criteria and objectives in real time.


15 AI Interior Design Apps to Transform Your Space 3
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Architect AI is a virtual staging app that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate architecture, interior, and landscape designs. It is intended for architecture designers, landscape designers, interior designers, real estate agents, and yacht designers.


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ArchitectGPT is revolutionizing home and interior design through AI. It’s like Photoshop for your space, quickly transforming images of homes or commercial buildings with various design themes.

The platform offers AI-powered innovations, diverse design themes, bespoke room customization, mood-matching color palettes, user-friendly navigation, virtual staging, immersive 360 panoramas, and the ability to craft designs with text descriptions.

Decor AI

15 AI Interior Design Apps to Transform Your Space 5
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DecorAI is an AI-powered platform that generates unique and personalized interior design ideas in seconds. Users can add photos or sketches and set their preferences to receive high-quality interior design suggestions almost instantly. It offers a cost-effective solution for generating multiple design ideas, saving time and increasing efficiency for interior designers, agencies, and clients.

DecorAI also provides an API for building custom AI interior design applications, enabling monetization from the outset. It serves various users like interior design agencies, individual designers, homeowners, and furniture retailers, allowing them to offer innovative design solutions and visualize design options featuring specific products.


15 AI Interior Design Apps to Transform Your Space 6
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Designedbyai.io is a website offering AI-powered design services, including interior design, landscaping, and exterior design for various projects. Users can upload images and receive high-quality 8K images resembling their uploaded content for presentations and slideshows.

By using designedbyai.io, users can quickly and conveniently access AI-driven design solutions tailored to their specific project needs while maintaining privacy and without requiring technical expertise.

Dreamhouse AI

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Dreamhouse AI offers AI-powered interior design and virtual staging tools, with options for various styles such as Minimalist, Farmhouse, and Modern. Used by designers, realtors, and homeowners, it allows for quick visualization and staging in over 35 styles. The platform provides instant, high-quality, and affordable renders, customizable designs, a design history feature, and photo-realistic renders.

Users can choose from different modes to design or stage their property, enhancing their ability to make informed decor decisions. Start designing with Dreamhouse AI’s easy-to-use tool to reimagine your living space.

Finch 3D

15 AI Interior Design Apps to Transform Your Space 8
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Finch offers AI-powered architecture optimization, facilitating rapid design iterations and data-informed decision-making for architects. It integrates with tools like Revit, Rhino, and Grasshopper to enhance existing workflows. Finch is lauded by industry professionals for speeding up the design process and is currently invite-only, with over 18,000 on the waiting list for early access.

The platform is currently invite-only, but interested individuals can sign up for the waiting list to request early access. Testimonials from professionals in the architecture field, like Peter Leuchovius (CIO at White) and Mads Kjær Ravn (Architect at Gehl), endorse the usefulness of Finch in the design process.


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Getfloorplan is a service for creating 2D and 3D floor plans using artificial intelligence (AI). However, their website requires JavaScript to function properly, and they prompt users to enable JavaScript to continue using the site.

Houzz Pro

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Houzz Pro is an all-in-one business software solution designed for contractors and design professionals. It offers a range of features to help businesses attract and win clients, manage projects efficiently, and deliver a standout customer experience.


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MyArchitectAI is an AI rendering software designed to create photorealistic renderings in under 10 seconds using artificial intelligence. It is marketed as having no learning curve and operates in the cloud, requiring no installations.

It supports models from all major CAD and 3D modeling software in JPG/PNG format and is aimed at helping architects and interior designers iterate faster and impress clients.


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PromeAI is an online platform offering a suite of AI-driven tools designed to bring creativity to life. Trusted by over 2 million users, it provides functionalities to transform sketches into realistic photos and high-quality videos.


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RoomGPT is an AI-powered interior design tool used by over 2 million people to redesign their homes. It serves as a personal interior designer, enabling users to reimagine their living spaces.

RoomGPT can transform any room with just one photo. It has been created and powered by technologies such as Replicate and Bytescale.


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With RoomSketcher, you can draw your own floor plans using their app or order from professional illustrators. It’s a favored tool among professionals and homeowners worldwide for its ease of use and strong customer support.

Customers appreciate RoomSketcher for the professional quality of floor plans it helps create, enhancing property advertising and assisting in home design. With options to DIY or have plans drawn for you, it provides high-quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans, interactive 3D visuals, and panoramic views.


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SketchUp is a versatile 3D modeling software favored by professionals worldwide for its intuitive design tools and multiplatform compatibility. Ideal for interior design, SketchUp enables creators to visualize spaces, draft photorealistic renderings, and collaborate effectively, catering to both aesthetic and sustainable design needs.

Whether sketching out initial concepts or refining detailed plans, SketchUp provides a dynamic, creative suite to bring interior design ideas to life.

What Are AI Interior Design Apps?

AI interior design apps are like having a personal interior designer tucked away in your smartphone or computer. These clever tools use artificial intelligence to help you create and visualize your dream living space without needing to physically move a single piece of furniture.

Picture this: You upload photos of your room, and the app suggests a layout, color scheme, and even furniture options that match your style and space dimensions. Some apps go a step further by allowing you to ‘place’ virtual furniture in your room using augmented reality, so you can see how that mid-century modern sofa or that antique lamp looks in your space before you buy.

The AI in these apps learns from your preferences and suggests designs that it thinks you’ll like. It’s a game-changer for making those tough décor decisions and trying out different styles with ease. Plus, many of these apps have built-in access to furniture stores, so you can go from inspiration to installation all in a few taps.

In the world of ai interior design, these apps are making design accessible to everyone, giving you the power to play around with your home’s look until it’s just perfect.

Why Is AI Becoming Essential for Modern Interior Design?

AI is reshaping interior design by providing smart, personalized recommendations in a snap. It helps visualize furniture in your actual space and can adapt to your tastes over time. No more tedious measurements—AI apps can accurately map your room and show how new pieces will fit.

15 AI Interior Design Apps to Transform Your Space 16

For both professionals and home decorators, AI in interior design means effortless customization and innovative design solutions, making it an indispensable tool in today’s fast-paced design world.

How Can These Apps Transform Your Living Space?

AI interior design apps can transform your living space by offering a mix of high-tech features that simplify the design process. They allow you to:

  • Visualize Changes Before They Happen: You can see how new furniture and decor will look in your actual space with 3D models and AR technology.
  • Make Informed Decisions: AI suggestions based on your preferences help avoid costly design mistakes by offering tailored options that fit your style and space.
  • Experiment Freely: Test out bold colors, patterns, and layouts risk-free, encouraging creativity and experimentation with design choices.
  • Save Time and Money: By previewing your ideas, you can avoid purchasing items that don’t fit or look right, which saves time and resources in the long run.
  • Shop with Ease: Direct links to retailers within the app mean you can find and buy the products you love without hours of searching.

These apps empower you to redesign your space efficiently and bring your vision to life, all with a few swipes on your device.

What Features Should You Look for in an AI Interior Design App?

When scouting for an AI interior design app, there are several key features to look for:

  • 3D Visualization: The ability to create a lifelike 3D model of your room can help you better understand how new designs will look in your space.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): AR lets you place virtual furniture in your actual room using your phone’s camera, providing a real-time view of potential changes.
  • Easy Interface: A user-friendly interface is crucial. It should be intuitive, making design accessible even to those without any interior design experience.
  • Customization Options: The app should offer a wide range of customization features, from wall colors to flooring and fixtures, so you can tailor every detail to your taste.
  • Product Library: A comprehensive library of real-world furniture and decor items allows for more accurate planning and helps with purchasing decisions.
  • Intelligent Recommendations: AI-driven suggestions based on your style preferences and room dimensions can provide inspiration and help refine your choices.
  • Integrated Shopping: An app that links directly to retailers simplifies the process of turning your virtual designs into reality.
  • Collaborative Features: If you’re working with others, look for apps that allow you to share designs and collaborate in real time.
  • Cost Estimator: Some apps can give you a rough estimate of what your design changes might cost, which is helpful for budgeting.
  • High-Quality Output: Ensure the app can generate high-resolution images or walkthroughs, so you can get a clear sense of how the end result will look.

By finding an app with these features, you’ll be well-equipped to take your interior design from concept to completion with ease and confidence.

How User-Friendly Are AI Interior Design Apps?

AI interior design apps are designed to be user-friendly, aiming to make interior design more accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level. With intuitive interfaces and drag-and-drop functionalities, users can often start designing with minimal learning curve. Features like pre-loaded room templates, easy furniture selection, and automated measurements contribute to a smooth user experience.

15 AI Interior Design Apps to Transform Your Space 17

However, user-friendliness can vary between apps. Some may require a bit more tech-savviness or design knowledge. Reading reviews and trying out demos can give you a sense of how easy an app is to use before committing to it. Generally, though, these apps are built to simplify the design process, making it less intimidating and more enjoyable for the average homeowner.

Are These Apps Affordable and Easily Accessible?

Yes! AI interior design apps generally aim for affordability and accessibility. Many offer free versions with basic features that are perfect for casual users. For those looking for more advanced capabilities, such as high-quality 3D rendering or a wider selection of furniture and finishes, there are usually paid versions or subscription models that offer these premium features.

They’re easily accessible, too, with most apps available for download on smartphones and tablets via app stores like Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Some also offer web versions that can be used on a computer. The cost and accessibility make them an attractive option for individuals looking to spruce up their living spaces without the need for expensive professional design services.

How Are People Using AI Interior Design Apps in Real Life?

People are using AI interior design apps in real life to make a variety of home improvement decisions. Here are some practical ways:

  • Room Makeovers: Homeowners upload photos of their rooms and experiment with different styles, layouts, and color schemes to refresh their spaces.
  • Furniture Shopping: Instead of imagining how a piece might look, users virtually place furniture in their homes to see if it fits and matches, reducing the risk of returns.
  • Renovations: Before knocking down walls or laying new floors, people use these apps to visualize the end result, helping to plan and execute renovations.
  • New Home Set-Up: Those moving to a new home use apps to plan where things will go, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Real Estate: Sellers and agents style homes virtually to enhance online listings, while buyers envision potential in prospective homes.
  • Event Planning: For special occasions, apps help users try out different decor setups to see what will look best for the event.
  • DIY Projects: DIY enthusiasts get creative with designs before starting projects, testing out ideas for custom-built furniture or home decor.

AI interior design apps are versatile tools that bring high-tech design assistance to the fingertips of everyday users, enabling both practical decision-making and creative expression.

What Are the Latest Trends in AI Interior Design Apps?

The latest trends in AI interior design apps focus on offering more personalized, intuitive, and immersive experiences. Here’s what’s currently trending:

  • Advanced Customization: Apps are becoming more sophisticated, letting users get incredibly detailed with their designs, from the texture of materials to the style of light fixtures.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Integration: AR technology is improving, enabling users to see virtual furniture and decor in their actual living spaces through their device’s camera, enhancing the realism of the design process.
  • Machine Learning for Style Matching: AI now can analyze users’ preferences to suggest furniture and decorations that match their taste, learning from their choices to provide better recommendations over time.
  • Virtual Collaboration: Some apps are introducing features that allow users to collaborate with professionals or friends in real-time, making remote design assistance more seamless.
  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options: With growing environmental awareness, apps are including eco-friendly and sustainable furniture options in their catalogs.
  • High-Quality 3D Visualization: As technology advances, the 3D renderings are becoming more lifelike, giving users a clearer picture of the final look.
  • Smart Home Integration: Some apps are starting to incorporate smart home technology, helping users visualize how tech products would fit into their home design.

These trends reflect a drive to make AI interior design apps more user-centric, environmentally conscious, and technologically advanced, catering to the needs and desires of modern homeowners.


AI interior design is revolutionizing the way we approach home decor. These apps, with their user-friendly interfaces, accessible price points, and advanced features like AR and machine learning, are helping users to easily and confidently transform their living spaces. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect these tools to become even more intuitive and integrated into our daily lives.

Ready to embrace the future of home design? Download an AI interior design app today and start creating the space you’ve always dreamed of. Your personalized, stylish home makeover is just a few taps away!

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