Victory Sandwich Bar in Atlanta, GA modern exterior.Atlanta lifestyle blogger shares a local lunch favorite. Black bar with exposed beam ceiling and modern green pendant lights.Sandwiches and sides from Atlanta-favorite Victory Sandwich Bar.

Now that school’s out for summer (hip hip hooray!), I can spend a bit more time focusing on some projects I’ve been meaning to get started on my blog. I have always loved Atlanta, but I started loving it even more when my dad moved in-town and we began exploring the exciting things happening in the city. There are so many incredible restaurants, art galleries, events and places and I want to share all of it on Thou Swell. Southern culture is often thought to be fairly traditional, but what’s so exciting to me is when traditional design is reimagined in a contemporary way. Atlanta’s roots in traditional design, old homes, classic-Southern cooking, and history make it a beautiful place to create a fusion of the old and new. I’m always looking for that contrast between classic and contemporary that brings a storied history to a space – or to any type of design, whether it be on canvas or on a plate. That being said, I’m so thrilled to kick off a new column for Thou Swell, with Atlanta-focused content featuring the best food, art, events, and shops in the city. 

To inaugurate Thou Swell’s Atlanta city guide, I’m sharing this first restaurant feature on Victory Sandwich Bar, on the Collaboreat blog. You don’t want to miss the cool interior and creative sandwich combinations from this hip spot…


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