Benefits of Autoflowering Seeds for Maximum Yield

Marijuana seeds are available in different types, with one of the most popular today being the auto-flowering variety. These plants will automatically start to produce flowers at the right time, making them a perfect option for beginners. Plus, they offer a number of benefits that can help growers maximize their yield per plant and throughout the year. 

Easiest Way to Grow Marijuana

One of the best things about autoflower seeds is that they’re easy to grow. Other types of plants require specific lighting, changes to the light at just the right time, and more. With auto-flowering seeds, the amount of light isn’t as much of a concern because even if it doesn’t change, the plant will start to flower. This makes it great for beginners as well as those who want a more relaxed setup with a higher yield. 

Continued Harvest is Possible

It’s not possible to have a mother plant and clone new auto-flowering plants, but this doesn’t matter. It is still possible to have a continuous harvest throughout the year. Plants can be started in stages and, since the lighting doesn’t need to be changed at a certain time, each plant can thrive in the same room. As one set of plants reaches maturity, the next can be started, so there’s no break in production. 

No Worry About Lighting Issues

With marijuana plants that have specific lighting requirements, there are issues to worry about. On top of finding the right lights for indoor plants, it’s important to make sure the lights are turned on or off at the right time and that there isn’t any light leaking in during the dark periods. With auto-flowering plants, this isn’t a concern at all. They do fine, even if there is light leaking during the dark period or if the lights aren’t turned on and off at the right time. 

Smaller Amount of Space Needed

Marijuana plants can take up a lot of space, especially if lighting requirements are different, as that could mean different rooms are needed for plants in different stages of growth. Autoflowering plants, though they do produce a large harvest per plant, don’t take up as much room. Plus, since they can be grown at different stages under the same lights, plants of any age can be kept in the same room together. This could mean more plants growing at once since they have a smaller footprint. 

Plants are More Resilient

Even though the plants are kept indoors, they can be subjected to pests and diseases that can cause serious issues or kill the plant. However, auto-flowering plants tend to be more resilient than other types of marijuana plants. They’re less likely to suffer from pests and diseases and, when they do, the issue can be easier to correct and the plant can continue growing. 

When it comes to choosing the right marijuana seeds to purchase, many people have their opinion on what’s best. However, for those who want to maximize their yield throughout the year and have a continued harvest without all of the extra work, auto-flowering seeds might be the best purchase. Most strains are available in an autoflower variety, so anyone can give them a try and see if this is the best option to help them get more from the plants they grow.