Interior Furniture & Style: Is it Trendy or Timeless?

A trend describes a popular style of design or decoration. Something that is timeless can have different meanings, it can define something that isn’t restricted to a particular time frame, something that doesn’t have a beginning or end, or something that isn’t affected by time.

What role do trends have in the interior design world?

A trend can be the inspiration from which a project’s ideas come. A particular trend can bind all the design elements in a home to create a cohesive space. The issue with trends is they can soon go out of fashion, leaving your home looking dated.

Trends can have a long-term influence, and this is when a trend can evolve to being something that is timeless.

In this article, trends will be debunked to see whether they are considered to be just a current trend, or more timeless. 

Maximalist Interiors

Bold colors, prints, and patterns are taking over the interior design world in 2021. This trend seems to be a reaction to the previous minimalist trend, where interiors had minimal colors, patterns, prints, and a lack of clutter. 

The minimalist trend has been around for many years and is considered to be a timeless trend. So the reaction to this could result in another timeless trend, however, minimalist interiors have been so popular because they are known to create a relaxing and tranquil space.

Clutter is known to cause stress. Busy patterns, bright colors, and lots of detail are also known to cause the brain to work in overdrive as it’s trying to understand its environment. Because of this, maximalist interiors won’t be a long-term trend, however, could be incorporated to create a more lasting take on the trend.

We can see homeowners being inspired by the maximalist trend, by using more accessories and using gallery walls to incorporate more art, but in more neutral colors to keep the trend looking more timeless. 

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design incorporates inspiration from nature into the design. Usually, designs use forms, materials, or details inspired by nature. This trend has been around for decades but has become more popular over this time due to a more urbanized lifestyle. Studies have found that as humans we like to be connected to nature in some way, so with more and more people being disconnected from nature due to living in larger cities, other connections to nature need to be met.

Nature is something that will never go out of fashion, it is always seen as being beautiful and a design inspired by nature will stay beautiful too. 

Mid-Century Modern Design

The mid-century modern trend reappeared just over a decade ago, as people began revisiting the style after it being featured on more TV shows, movies, and magazines. Now a lot of restaurants, hotels, and people’s homes have been inspired by mid-century design.

This popularity puts the trend in danger of being overdone and going out of fashion. However, mid-century designs were around functional and streamlined designs. So even if the trend goes out of fashion, the designs will stay timeless. 

Pash Classics, mid-century modern reproduction specialists, have told us that their customers use their designs in a wide variety of interior styles. The versatility of each piece means it looks different depending on its surroundings, keeping the piece always looking on-trend and able to evolve through changing trends.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design refers to designs that minimize the environmental impact. It is only now that we are becoming more aware of the results of our purchases, and we are changing our buying habits to be more sustainable to help the planet. Sustainable design has different elements, it could be thrifting an older piece of furniture, shopping from a more sustainable brand, or choosing more sustainable materials. 

Sustainable design has become big in recent years and is a trend that is predicted to keep growing. Because of what we have learned, sustainable design seems to be a timeless trend. After seeing the after-effects of unsustainable shopping habits, more and more people will make changes to be more sustainable.

Curvaceous Furniture

We can see furniture making a change to be more voluptuous and curvaceous, compared to boxy, cleaner, and more modern designs. This style of curvaceous furniture would be classed as a contemporary design. Contemporary designs represent current trends.

This contemporary trend may stick around for a few years but may become less significant. Curved lines are preferred in interior design at the moment as it represents a softer and calmer interior.

Pairing both styles of lines together will create the perfect balance, and will keep your home looking timeless as you aren’t following trends too closely.

Warm & Earthy Colour Palettes

Grey has dominated the interior design industry over the past decade, but you can notice things evolving to incorporate more warm neutrals instead of cold. This is common in the interior design world, for a trend to be big for years and then the industry will react and change things, and then it will go back to the original trend just with some updates. Trends are constantly recycled.

What is important, what colors you think work for your home. Yes, warm neutrals may be trending now, but greys haven’t dated. Both types of neutral color schemes are timeless, as they work as blank canvases for you to develop further. 

How to tell if a design will be truly timeless?

To work out if a trend is timeless, you can analyze how the trend will develop over time. If it only fits the current need and style for home decor, then it won’t be a timeless style. If it can evolve with a home owner’s needs and be updated to complement contemporary designs, then this will be considered to be more timeless. 

Design is also a lot down to personal preference, developing your own style instead of abiding by interior design trends will ensure that your home is timeless, as it is unique to you. You can take inspiration from trends without imitating them, this is just one way you can develop your own style.