Creating Serenity On The Patio

Are you ready to create a beautiful sanctuary in your backyard? If so, let’s get going.

Saving Money With Brilliant Solutions

These are so many awesome ideas to you to help you save money as you build a patio that wows your guests.

Let’s look at a few of the big ideas that can be easy on your wallet and delightful to your eyes. You may want to upgrade your backyard with DIY projects. Or, you could engage a design master to get professional help.

I asked a few friends who are patio design masters to share their best tips.

Suzy, a patio specialist has this to say, “You probably have 80% of what you need lying around the house. Check out the leftovers from earlier projects. Look in your backyard, attic, storage unit, and garage.

I’ve saved my clients loads of money by repurposing tables, chairs, lamps, and sculptures that were languishing in the dust. You can do this too.”

I asked my neighbor Tara, who just finished a beautiful patio re-do. “Have a vision for what you want to create and what mood you want to inspire. If you’re aiming for the Provence, think lavender, ceramics, and green metal. If you’re aiming for a rustic country look, you can re-use many items such as stands, columns, and tables. 

I was about to purchase a super-expensive outdoor set until I remembered; I already had some great lawn chairs in the garage. It’s amazing what we can do by reusing items in a new setting.”

Zoe, a busy architect, shared this thought, “We are looking for serenity. It’s not so easy to find in the outside world, which is why serenity is such a hot trend for patios. You can add a fountain, create a covered pergola, add a pitcher of sparkling water…and you’re already more relaxed.”

As you think about your own patio space, consider these factors:

  • Do you want to use it year-round or seasonally?
  • Do you envision a serene Zen garden or a floral infusion?
  • Do you like to use the patio for morning coffee, evening drinks, or mid-day lunches?

Depending on your moods, preferences, and use-habits, you’ll make different decisions.

Evaluating Your Options

Shopping for a new patio look is a lot like shopping for a pre-owned car. You want to evaluate your options, do the math, and figure out where you’ll get the money to get what your heart desires. 

With a pre-owned car, you could investigate credit union loan rates, where you’ll typically get a better rate. When creating a new patio look, think outside the box. Look for what you already have on hand. Consider what you need. Evaluate how to get the best value for anything you’re buying. 

One of the best ways to get started is, to begin with, the end in mind. Let’s put the budget aside for now, and make room to dream. 

Dreaming Is The Best Start

Think about your favorite patios and gardens. Some you may have experienced in houses you owned, places you visited, resorts, and hotels. Others, you may have seen in a magazine. 

Allow yourself to dream. You may find that having space and time on the patio itself inspires you to see things with fresh eyes.

I recently talked with a friend who created a beautiful patio sanctuary on a tiny deck. She did this by sitting in the space, watching the light, and listening to the birds. After some time reflecting, she started sketching ideas.

The result was breathtaking. With just a slab of marble for a table, a couple of chairs, a gentle fountain, and a bird feeder—she made a magical space. 

If you’re looking to create a sanctuary in your home, give yourself time to dream. Explore what will work best for your space and for how you intend to use it. 

Keep Planting Chores To A Minimum

It’s always tempting to think big when it comes to herbs, flowers, bushes, and trees. But, I want to invite you to consider what will support your relaxation and serenity.

Do you want to be out on the patio, watering from dawn ’til dusk? Do you think that dealing with fussy plants is going to enhance your peace of mind?

Of course not. That’s why it helps to talk with your nursery to select the plants that are easiest to maintain. You want to have dreamtime on your patio, not turn into a farmer.

Sum Up

If recreating your patio is on your To-Do list, you’ve got a plan of action. Have fun in the process!