Decorating Your Living Room with Framed Plexiglas Wall Art

The Artistic Beauty of Framed Plexiglass

Plexiglass is a durable material that can be printed upon for many diverse purposes. Plexiglass is known for its anti-shattering properties, which make it a staple for items throughout the home. Made from transparent thermoplastics, plexiglass is an acrylic that can withstand the daily stresses of sunlight, physical damage, and discoloration. Holding up to its original beauty for years to come, plexiglass offers more than aesthetics to its homeowners.

Because it’s strong and holds its true design for countless years, plexiglass makes the perfect canvas for wall art. Colors stay true and lines remain crisp as the plexiglass gathers light and brightens your space.

Make Your Living Room Stand Out

Decorating Your Living Room with Framed Plexiglas Wall Art 1
Happy Couple Hanging Picture on the Wall, Boyfriend Moves It, Girlfriend Tells Him when the Frame is Hanging Straight. Funny Moment in Young Couple’s Life. Modern Stylish Apartment.

The living room is perhaps the one room seen most by your guests, let alone you and your family. Walking through the same area so often can make your space start to feel boring and bland. Liven up your décor by adding a striking piece of art that will not only capture the mood you want for your home, but it will also reflect sunlight and enhance your overall space.

  • Provide an appealing contrast of color by adding bold orange sunsets and blue skies to an otherwise neutral living room décor.
  • Combine shapes and lines that would seem opposing to build attention toward a certain area in the living room. Introduce curves with the help of a rolling wave or a vast meadow, helping to soften the rigidity of a traditional, square room.
  • Carry the theme of the house from one room to another by bringing elements such as food and drink to the living room. Hang a picture of coffee, for example, in the kitchen, the hall, and then the living room to pull together your love for the drink. Each picture can be similar but remain diverse enough to add variety to your décor.

Use Multi-Frames to Enliven Breathtaking Scenery

Decorating Your Living Room with Framed Plexiglas Wall Art 2
Scandinavian interior design living room 3d render with beige and brown colored furniture and wooden elements

In almost any shopping catalog or online design feature, we’ve all seen the bold, stunning display of a multi-frame art piece. Positioned on an open wall, one that would otherwise look bare and drab the large exhibit of art captures emotions and transforms the living area. The addition of clear plastic sheets of plexiglass makes the art even more remarkable, providing a crystal-clear canvas for the grand colors and inspiring imagery to truly come to life.

  • Animals are one fantastic focal point for multi-frame wall art. Majestic creatures like horses running on an open field, or a wolf standing in the tundra, make for sensational pieces of art.
  • Sunsets and sunrises are another wonderful choices to brighten a boring wall and bring a sense of encouragement to your every day.
  • For science lovers, images of space, galaxies, and planetary objects can create a sense of wonderment and intrigue. The magical images and deep hues of the night sky are vibrant on plexiglass, staying sharp for years to come. 
  • Nothing is quite as calming as the open ocean. A multi-frame plexiglass wall art collection of the beauty and grandeur of the ocean can easily lend your home the peace and tranquility we all often need.

Add Color Pop to Create an Elegant Balance

Decorating Your Living Room with Framed Plexiglas Wall Art 3
Framed photos gallery on a white wall of a hipster living room interior and workspace with a laptop on a wooden desk

There’s nothing more strikingly gorgeous than the contrasting hues of a monochromatic scheme paired with a bold pop of color. Adding certain colors in luxurious splashes is one way to brighten and diversify your living room.

  • Hang a black and white, framed picture in a living room that is already full of color. The contrast in shades will settle the attention and provide a mellow focal point over an elaborate piece of furniture, for example.
  • Likewise, place a piece of bright red art in a room of blacks and whites to pull attention toward a particular wall or piece of furniture. This also enhances the mood, shifting the dull neutral tones toward something happier or more exciting.
  • Use other colors alongside black and white to provide different atmospheres for different decors. Blue can be soothing, while green brings a sense of rejuvenation. Imagine a peaceful ocean picture in a room of pure white. Or a landscape painting over a minimal black sofa.

Personalize Your Home with Plexiglass Art

Decorating Your Living Room with Framed Plexiglas Wall Art 4
Living room with corner sofa, colorful cushions, and white coffee table

The ideas for decorating your living room are truly endless. By using colors, shapes, and décor themes, you can bring a whole new look to your tired space. However, don’t stop there, add a touch of personalization and your home will abound with the moods and inspirations that suit you perfectly.

Have you taken a vacation to a beautiful beach or lakeside? A panoramic view of the landscape would no doubt enhance your living room and add color to your décor. Maybe you took a camping trip and have a favorite picture of the forest. These moments in time are not only beautiful, they serve as lasting memories that you can always look upon.

Paintings and sketches are also wonderful things to immortalize in plexiglass art. A clean black and white sketch that you or a loved one have hand drawn would certainly be a conversational piece for any gathering. 

Nothing is as Durable and Lasting as Plexiglass Art

Decorating Your Living Room with Framed Plexiglas Wall Art 5
Mature artist businessman in his art studio.

Decorating your home will take you time and precious effort. By using plexiglass for your art, you’re creating an enduring and fashionable item that you can enjoy for many years to come. Plexiglass is not only strong and durable, but it is also elegant and timeless. Staying true to its original colors and remaining crystal-clear with vibrant imagery, plexiglass offers the best option for your cherished art.

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