Discover How To Find Homes for Entertaining in New England

Discover How To Find Homes for Entertaining in New England 1
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA skyline at twilight.

The old charm that you can find in New England neighborhoods is unlike anywhere else. You are close to beautiful beaches, the mountains, cities, and the countryside. Finding the right home in their competitive market can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed, but with the right real estate agent in Cambridge, MA, Warwick, RI, or even Coventry, CT, you can find a home for your needs and that you can use to entertain.

Picking a home is one thing but finding a home that has all the right spaces to invite guests, family, and friends is a different task altogether. In New England, the older homes aren’t set up with large open kitchens that lead into the other living spaces the same way that newer homes are. Each room is more separate and sometimes completely closed off. These historic homes also don’t have the Here are some of the features to consider as you look for a home for entertaining in New England.


Location matters in New England. Where do you want to entertain? Do you imagine weekends near the beach or dinner parties in the city? Do you want to live in the country away from the bright lights or would you prefer a small town with amenities? New England offers many types of locations. And the location you choose will help you design the kind of lifestyle you want for entertaining guests. Being near the city lends itself well for entertaining with cocktail parties and dinner parties for smaller groups. Moving to a place further away will afford you a larger home, possibly with more space outdoors and that can mean more entertaining options for families with kids too.

Floor Plans

Entertaining requires you to take a critical look at the floorplans of the houses you like in New England. Since you’re more likely to have separate spaces in the kitchen, dining, and living rooms, you’ll want to design them to accommodate as many people as possible. Think about how people will congregate in your home, and make sure there is a good flow from one room to the next.

Also, because the homes tend to be older, you’ll need to be sure there is a bathroom your guests can use. Some homes and townhomes have a powder room on the main level, but even if it doesn’t, it’s something you could add after you purchase the home. You’ll also need to consider where you’ll store all your entertaining dinnerware. If there isn’t enough cabinet space in a kitchen, could you add more? Or you’d need to be sure there is closet space somewhere to store your items.

Outdoor Space

Summers in New England are beautiful. If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, you’ll get those incredible ocean breezes that make the evenings feel wonderful. Even in towns and cities, you can get a home with pretty outdoor spaces. Townhomes in the city sometimes come with a little patio or backyard area where you can create an oasis for you and your guests. The seasons in New England lend themselves to enjoying the crisp spring and fall air and the warm, moderate summers. When you’re entertaining, look past just the indoor space in your house and envision how the outdoors can be used as well.


Inviting people to your home means that you need somewhere for them to park their cars. Whether you get a home with a long driveway, near public transportation, with a parking garage nearby, or that has adequate street parking, you need to consider how your guests will feel when they come to your home. Can they park somewhere that’s not a dozen blocks away, is it safe, and is it easy to access? Finding a home just for entertaining regularly means that these are important options to think about.

Looking for a home is exciting and comes with a lot of different steps. When you know you’ll be entertaining family and friends, it’s important to have a great home that can accommodate everyone. New England has many beautiful homes, beautiful neighborhoods, and is a great place to be if you want to be a gracious host. You’ll find great options in the city, the mountains, near the beach, and in the quaint towns throughout New England.