Keep These Things In Mind When Designing A Nursery

Keep These Things In Mind When Designing A Nursery 1
Classic children room in white color 3D rendering

So, you’ve discovered that you’re going to be a parent – congratulations! Or, maybe you have a loved one expecting who has turned to you for guidance on how to design their nursery. While you should definitely consider your own personal style, the aesthetic of the rest of your home, and various other factors – you still need to start with good bones when designing the perfect nursery. Let’s look at some areas you don’t want to overlook and how to narrow down areas of the decision-making process. 

Sweet Sleeping Arrangements 

Whether you plan on co-sleeping or not, an essential part of the nursery in many aspects is its sleeping arrangements. Even if you’re going to use a Moses basket, bassinet, cradle, or other safe co-sleeping arrangements, a crib in the nursery is useful for nap times when you won’t be in the same room as the baby. The color of the crib should be the same tone and family as the rest of the furniture – that is a given. Make sure you purchase a new crib as safety features and requirements have come long. 

In addition to the crib, another aspect of sweet sleeping is your window treatments. While ethereal, gauzy curtains are not only beautiful but whimsical (a common nursery theme), it’s worth it to go with blackout curtains in the nursery. These will ensure sound sleeping no matter what time of day. And don’t forget a white noise machine!

Thematic Decisions 

One of the first places to start is what theme you’re going with. If you already know the gender of your baby and want to go traditional pink for a girl or shades of blue for a boy, that’s never a bad thing. More and more, though, people are opting for gender-neutral nurseries – even when they know the sex of their baby. Woodland themes, Gray hues, even white on white look phenomenal as nursery themes. Additionally, it’s a fun trend to hire a muralist to paint a nursery wall for you. Once you have your theme nailed down, though, it’s easier for everything to fall into place. 

Don’t Skimp On Storage. 

While plenty of minimalists keep things minimal when they have a baby – this is easier said than done. If you’re not already a practicing minimalist, you are going to have more stuff than you ever could have imagined for your new baby. Oh, you thought you just needed one baby swimsuit? Try four. Are you just using one brand of diaper cream? In your dreams! From toiletries, clothing, toys, and more, you need plenty of storage in your nursery. On top of the furniture you select for the nursery, it’s worth having a closet renovation done. Adding shelves into the closet and having plenty of baskets and bins on hand to store all the things you’ll accumulate will save you the headache of finding homes for all of it after the baby arrives. Luck favors the prepared, after all!

Be Flexible 

Children grow, and they grow quickly! You may be pregnant while reading this, but before you know it, you’ll be wondering when kids stop napping. Time really flies. So, you want to create a flexible living space for your baby as their needs change – from newborn to infant, toddlerhood, and beyond. While investing in the above-mentioned light and noise control is essential – when it comes to the crib, buy one that easily transitions to a toddler bed. 

The same can be said with decor. While it can be tempting to give your baby every toy you see that strikes your fancy, remember they will outgrow their needs quickly. In the same way, don’t buy a giant stuffed rabbit three feet tall that could easily topple onto a newborn. Being judicious with what you bring into the nursery decor and toy wise will help you when it comes to flexibility as their needs change.

Designing your firstborn’s nursery might feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be if you keep the above items in mind. Think of it as a creative outlet and distraction while you’re counting down the days to meet your new family member. And remember, enjoy the journey!