Drinking Water Filters That Don’t Ruin Your Kitchen Décor

Water filters are becoming an increasing necessity in each household. The water we receive in our homes goes through an intensive purification process. However, there will most likely be contaminants such as chlorine, lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, etc. left, so having a water filter would be a good idea. 

There’s a vast selection of water filters you can choose from, but some of them would disturb the flow and aesthetic you have already established in your kitchen. Also, it would be a good idea to read some reviews before making your decision, as they can give you much-needed information. You can start at https://watermasterz.com.

Some water filters can be a bit rough on the eyes and though the water you use would be cleaner and safer, you don’t want them to be the first thing you see when you enter your kitchen. The good news is that there are water filters that will provide you with clean water, and won’t burden you with their appearance. Under-the-sink and whole house water filters are the most common solutions here as they are completely hidden, but some jug, or faucet- mounted water filters can also do the trick. 

Drinking Water Filters That Don’t Ruin Your Kitchen Décor 1

Under-the-sink water filters 

Under-the-sink water filters are a perfect solution for those of you who appreciate the décor in your kitchen. As the name says, they are hidden under your sink and you don’t have to see them. They are easy to install and easy to maintain and won’t take up all of your space under the sink. Another reason why under-the-sink filters are popular is: they have greater effectiveness than pitcher-based ones. They purify water more thoroughly and are a good investment in the long run

A model to consider if you decide to introduce this type of water filter in your household is the AquasanaAQ-5200, which The New York Times describes as an excellent cartridge-based water filter. It is easy to install, the filters should be changed twice a year and it doesn’t take up much space, given that it is a bit larger than a couple of soda cans.

Another model worthy of consideration, listed as a bestseller on Amazon, is the ROES-50 from APEC Water Systems. It has long-lasting water filters and is said to eliminate 99% of contaminants. It is a bit bigger than the AquasanaAQ-5200, so it would require more space under the sink. It is intended for user installation and the instructions come with it. 

Whole house water filter

Another way to filtrate your water and still not having to spoil your kitchen flow would be a whole house water filter. This type of water filtration system is located in your basement, so it will provide you with clean and crisp drinking water, and of course, spare you the sore eyes. Most of them are intended for user installation and maintenance, they come with clear instructions, and they don’t take too much space.

It may be useful to take a look at the model WGB32B of the brand ISpring which is rated with 4 and half stars on Amazon (simple to install and maintain and it won’t take up your basement).

Also, another high-rated whole house filter on Amazon is the Culligan whole house sediment water filter. It doesn’t require much space and is fairly light. This filter provides you with clean water but also protects your appliances from sediment, which is an added bonus. It comes with the items you need for installation and maintenance. 

Jug water filters

As we are talking about having clean water and a nice kitchen at the same time, there is a third option, in addition to the two we talked about, and that is having a jug water filter, which will not be an eyesore. Most of these filters are made of plastic and have a rather unpleasant look, but there are some that might surprise you. As this type of water filters are definitely the simplest to use and maintain, it is good to know that there are decorative solutions in this area.

Take a look at the Soma pitcher filter, it is elegant, combines glass and wood and it is barely noticeable that it is a water filter, but rather, you may take it for a decorative pitcher.

Another example is the Brita bottle filter. Fancier than a regular bottle, with an added bonus of being portable, so you can refill and filter your water wherever you go. 

Faucet mounted water filters

These water filters can be a bit of a pain to look at, especially if your faucet is highly decorative. Still, they are worthy of mentioning, as there are some discrete ones, such as the PUR PFM400H. It has a metallic appearance and it camouflages well into the faucet.

Another model is the Culligan FM- 25 which would fit nicely in metallic surroundings. These filters are easy to install and don’t require intensive maintenance, so you should consider them as well.

Bottom line

All listed types of water filters are easy to use, install, and maintain, they don’t require too much space and, most importantly, don’t ruin your kitchen décor. There definitely is a way to keep your kitchen as it is and use clean water. The abovementioned solutions can be a good guide for you to start exploring what best suits you.