Essentials To Make Your Nursery Stylish 

Maybe you are so ready to have kids! You can’t wait to bring your newborn home. However, you are worried having kids will compromise the style of your home. I mean, you spent months perfecting your home decor and rooms–so you don’t want things to change when you bring home your baby. You are ready to start thinking about a nursery and how it will be functional yet cute. 

Although nurseries should be a safe and comfortable space for both the mother and baby, it doesn’t have to mean that you can’t incorporate your own personal touch and style into the room. No worries if your current space resembles the corner of a bedroom, there is still time to change things. We are here to give you some essentials and tips for creating a stylish space for your baby, no matter your budget. 

Start With The Basics 

While it may be easy to login to Pinterest and gather some inspirational images to create your nursery, you may end up boxing yourself into a style you won’t enjoy for the long run. The best way to fall in love with your space is to choose some basics that your in love with and build around that. 

The basics that we recommend are:

  • A place for your baby to sleep
  • A place to change diapers 
  • A place for you to sit and breastfeed 
  • A place to store things

The reason it is important to start with the basics is that you want to be comfortable in the room and get everything done that you need. For example, if you are struggling to breastfeed your baby, you will want a comfortable chair and maybe a table next to it to set down your lactation protein powder and snacks. If you start off with all the edgy furniture pieces and realize you don’t have anywhere to sit, you won’t be able to get comfortable.

Add A Cool Statement Feature 

It’s surprising how much one statement feature can add to a room. For instance, you can think about painting the wall a bright color or adding a rug that has a lot of patterns. This will make the room pop and give it a unique edge. A great crib, a bold rug, or even a fun storage basket can all make the space pop. Try to think of the space and what it could use. Maybe you have a huge empty wall that could use some art, or maybe you have a lot of windows that need some designer curtains. Whatever the case may be, look for something that brightens up the room.

Choose A Specific Style And Theme 

Although it’s not absolutely necessary to limit yourself to a certain concept, settling on a specific idea will help you narrow down your focus for the room. Take a second look at the rest of your home and what you prefer–style wise. Are you into the farmhouse look, modern, or beachy? If it’s a farmhouse style, find ways you can incorporate that style into your nursery room. By narrowing it down to one theme or particular style, it will be easier to find pieces that go along with that. If needed, you can even paint or add more decor to a piece to make it fit the rest of the room. The possibilities are endless!

Add Versatile Storage 

Other than the crib, look for furniture you wouldn’t mind having elsewhere in your home–or that can easily transition to a more grown-up space later on. Because your baby won’t be a baby forever, you may end up turning the nursery into their room as they get older. A nightstand with drawers that offers storage space for book, clothing, or toys is a solid item for a changing space. Another idea is instead of a changing unit, opt for a dresser where you can attach a changing tray to the top and remove it when it is no longer needed. Additionally, furniture that can be painted or re-designed for another space is a significant investment. There are so many ways you can recreate furniture to fit your current needs.

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