Five Tips to Clean Out and Utilize Your Attic

The attic is sometimes dreaded. This is because most people ignore it. Whatever boxes or keepsakes they have up there stayed there. Utilizing your attic will enable you to organize and store belongings that you don’t use. To fully get the most out of your attic space, you will need to do a few things. Read below to find five tips to clean out and use your attic to its fullest potential.

Clean It Out

The first thing you should do when you go up into the attic is clean it out. What’s up there? You should get rid of whatever you don’t want. There are probably boxes of things you never knew were there. Look through the stuff and get rid of what you don’t need. Organize the other stuff and push them into the corners of the attic. You will probably have to work a while on cleaning it out—going through the stuff might take a while—but if you do your best you will be able to clean it up and utilize the space.

Clean it Up

You should be sure to sweep and take down the spider webs. You should dust and clean up after you take out whatever you don’t need. A clean attic is necessary not just to facilitate the storage process, you don’t want to deal with rats. While you’re up there, if you discover them, look into rodent proofing. Hopefully, you don’t have rodents up there, but if you do it’s good to find out sooner rather than later! When you keep your attic clean, you won’t have to worry about rats because they will have nothing to eat up there.


When you clean out the attic, you may remove old insulation. In the attic, you will see what your insulation looks like up there. It is imperative to insulate your attic, because if it isn’t properly insulated, you will be letting air out. This leads to higher heating and cooling bills because you will be running the thermostat more. Going up into the attic is a great way to find out what’s going on up there. You will have the opportunity to decrease your electricity bills and lower your carbon footprint.

Store Keepsakes

Most people don’t properly store their belongings because they want to avoid the attic. If you properly clean it out and get rid of the cobwebs, dust, spider webs, and whatever else is up there, you should make use of the space. Take up belongings that you want to keep around but don’t need in the rest of the home. It’s absolutely essential to use the storage space you have in your attic. Not only will it give you the chance to declutter, but it will also provide the ability to clear your mind and have more space to work productively and enjoy your leisure. The attic should be used to store the things that are keepsakes that you want to make sure are safe.

Focus on the Floors

One thing that people overlook when it comes to the attic is its floor. You should make sure the floors of the attic are durable. You don’t want to fall through while you’re up there and you don’t want your boxes to cave it in. When you put good flooring that has additional joists and a subfloor, you will be able to keep more boxes and keepsakes up there without worrying about the floor of the attic breaking through. A good attic floor will also help you insulate your home. Keep the flooring in mind and work with someone who can tell you the ins and outs of good attic space.

The attic is an underused and underappreciated part of the home. Not only does it enable you to store things you don’t need around, but you can also use it to create more space in your home and live a happier, less cluttered life. We’ve all been at home more over the last few years and if you haven’t optimized your space to make it more comfortable and productive, start with cleaning out, cleaning up, fixing up, and storing belongings there. You won’t regret making use of your attic space.