Five ways to prepare your home’s interior for this summer

With summer just around the corner, is your home ready to embrace the warmth? To get you summer-ready, here are some tricks and tips to get everything wintery in your house out of sight, and out of mind!

Add pops of colour

Summertime is synonymous with fun, so why should your home’s interiors be boring? A simple way to add a fun element to the interior design is to change your sofa covers and cushions. Use contrasting colours to brighten up space. You could also add colourful rugs, doormats and other accessories. Still, anything reminiscent of winter such as throws and blankets, thicker carpets, etc. should be stored away for the next season. 

Time for a door upgrade

Summertime is all about bringing the outdoors inside, and your doors and windows play an essential role in doing this. As opposed to the closed doors and windows during winter, summer will be all about opening them up to let some warm air and sunshine in. Inspect your doors, especially for seasonal damage, scruff and marks, worn-out material or colour, the hinges, and joinery, etc. If you haven’t changed your doors in years, this summer might just be the perfect time to do it. You can check out Online Door Store for some inspiration.

Open up your home

The secret to an enjoyable summer is, of course, letting oodles of natural air and light into your home. Let the summer breeze and sunshine metaphorically cleanse your interiors of all the leftover, stale winter air, refreshing the energy inside your home. Make sure to clean your glass windows and get rid of heavy winter-specific draperies on your windows and replace them with light, sheer curtains or summer prints. If you have a garden or a lawn, outdoor furniture is a great way to stay comfortable while you get that glorious summer tan. 

Bring home some summery prints

Summertime trends are all about bright, nature-inspired prints – and this holds true for fashion as well as interior design. To prepare for the upcoming summer, opt for floral printed bedsheets and bed covers with lightweight comforters in complementary colours and patterns. While cotton and linen are the most popular choices in terms of material, newer innovative fabrics made of natural fibres from bamboo, coconut, percale, eucalyptus, brushed microfiber, etc. are known to give a cooling effect. You could also extend this design thread to curtains, cushion covers, rugs, wall hangings, etc. for an all-encompassing summer vibe in your home. 

Revitalize with flower power

Summer is a great time to decorate with flowers. Replace the scented candles that got you through winter with flowers in a bowl of water or a long vase. These flowers will need to be replaced between 3 and 7 days, depending on their variety and freshness. If you need a longer-lasting option, there are a number of flowering plants that are ideal for indoor placement. The plant will help to purify indoor air and add an element of visual interest, while the sweet aroma of the blooms will brighten up your summer days – definitely a win-win!

We hope this handy guide sparked your imagination and helped you kickstart your home makeover project for the upcoming summer!

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