Great Summer Walking Tours in Atlanta

Atlanta is such a sprawling city that it is easy to forget how easy it is to have a great day out by just walking around downtown. There is no better way to really get a feel for its neighborhoods, attractions, restaurants, and adventures than to take the time to enjoy exploring the city on foot; however, it can seem daunting to know where and how to begin. If you need help learning how to navigate the area without a vehicle, the Atlanta Regional Commission has a great trip planning tool to get you started. If you already know your way around and just need some inspiration to get you on your feet, here are some of the best walking tours in Atlanta – they are sure to get you excited to lace up your shoes and head out the door!

For foodies: After a year or more of eating at home, many of us are just chomping at the bit (no pun intended) to get out and enjoy the fantastic restaurants that Atlanta has to offer. As nice as it would be to go out to a new restaurant or bar every day for the whole summer, it can get very expensive. One of the best ways to get a taste of what each restaurant has to offer without breaking the bank is to take a food tour. On these tours, you will get a chance to visit several different eateries and enjoy sampling the food, drinks, and ambiance that each has on the menu.

While there are too many food tours to count, one of the best is the Half-Day Atlanta Food & Cocktail Tour. This tour will guide you through some of the best eateries in Midtown Atlanta, and it is capped at ten people, so you will get a personalized experience. Of course, hand sanitizer and masks when you are not eating are a must, but that should not detract from this fantastic outing. The cost of $99 might seem steep at first, but that covers all of your food and drinks – so be sure to get your money’s worth!

The real “Stranger Things”: This is probably one of the more unique walking tours in Atlanta: a real-life stroll through the filming locations of your favorite “Stranger Things” episodes. The tour includes visits to the homes of the Hendersons, the Sinclairs, and the Wheelers as well as Hawkins Middle School. My personal favorite location is the studio where they filmed the nesting place of the Mindflayer, but there is a bevy of other locations on the list as well. One thing to take note of is that this tour is a bit longer than the others. Men will want to be sure to wear wide sneakers, and the ladies should leave their heels at home in favor of comfortable pumps or wide shoes for women. If you are up for a good walk though, this is a tour well worth the effort!

Take a stroll through history: There is no better way to truly understand the complexity and impact of our city’s history than by going on the private Atlanta history tour, “From Civil War to Civil Rights.” It is one thing to read about the historical events our city has witnessed, but experiencing the metaphorical path from antebellum Georgia to the modern metropolis of today by walking the literal path through its most important events brings the history to life. Seeing, hearing about, and feeling the struggles that Atlanta has faced to become the heterogeneous society it is today brings into stark relief how far we have come… and how far we have yet to go. Perhaps the best part of this tour is the flexibility of its itinerary: you get to choose what sites are of most interest to you. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Battle of Atlanta battlefield are must-sees, and your tour guide can help you choose from the myriad other historically significant locations scattered throughout the city. This is a tour that is as enlightening as it is fascinating, and I cannot recommend it enough.

More than ever, we all need to take some time this summer to get out and enjoy all that Atlanta has to offer. Whether you are a foodie, a TV fan, or a history buff, nothing quite compares to taking the time to explore the city on foot.  Walking tours are a fantastic way to get out, enjoy the weather, and really take the time to appreciate all that our great city has to offer – hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to do just that!