5 Home Upgrades That Are Worth It

Whether you’ve found your forever home or want to upgrade a house you know you may eventually sell, renovations are something homeowners often dream about and ultimately execute. While some renovating can be done by yourself, as long as you keep in mind specific essential tips, others you’ll want to call in an architect and teams of professionals. Renovating your home comes with plenty of knowns – as it will likely take longer or go over budget; and plenty of unknowns like your dream tile being back-ordered for months or your favorite wallpaper being discontinued. No matter what the project is, it’s an exciting time to invest in your home as it’s your haven for rest and relaxation. Let’s take a look at some home upgrades that are totally worth it. 

5 Home Upgrades That Are Worth It 1

Lap Pools 

While some people feel like a swimming pool is a detraction from a home’s value, a lap pool may not be the same way. Especially if you know you’re never going to sell but would utilize a lap pool, they’re worth it. Lap pools are different from a full-size pool as their purpose is obvious – it’s for fitness and relaxation and not about throwing a party. Lap pools, significantly when landscapes correctly aid an air of elegance and even celebrity to your backyard. Lap pools can be customized with heat or resistance currents if you want to go all out on this reno. 

Serenity Gardens 

Installing a serenity garden in your backyard can create a calm and relaxing space for you to come home to after a stressful day. Serenity gardens typically have plenty of plants, flowers, and trees that bring you joy – so you pick what will go in your garden. You want to place the taller plants and trees in the back and upfront to create the illusion of walls that keep you secured within your safe space. Adding a water feature like a small koi pond or waterfall gives you the benefit of soothing sounds of nature when you use the area. Another standard feature in serenity gardens is seating, but be mindful of their material. Keeping with natural seating like wood or stone benches doesn’t distract from the peacefulness of the space. This type of renovation is quickly done by yourself and is more affordable than others. 

Outdoor Kitchens 

5 Home Upgrades That Are Worth It 2

Outdoor kitchens have been increasing in popularity over the last several years and seem to have a lot of staying power. Not only do they add to the value of your home if you ever do decide to resell, but they also add square footage to homes that may not be possible to add to the original structure. Whether you want to go with a Spanish style outdoor kitchen or something more modern in design, this is an upgrade that’s worth it. If you’re the type of person that loves entertaining friends and family through cooking and eating together, an outdoor kitchen makes enjoying the outdoors and your company seamless. While this renovation is on the expensive side, think about the cost of a new car, it pays for itself quickly as it’s something you’ll use over and over for the rest of your life. 


In life, it’s essential to always have a backup plan. That’s why we have savings accounts and insurance plans. One investment that will see an almost 70% return on its value for your home is a generator. With an average cost of around $11,000, the generator is a relatively inexpensive “renovation” to your home that will not only help you when you need it but add value to your house should you resell. 

Finishing Your Basement 

Depending on what state you live in, basements may be standard or unheard of. But, if you’re in a home with an unfinished basement, investing in “finishing” your basement can add some serious liveable square footage to your home. Adding insulation, flooring, walls, and a beautiful ceiling can see an almost eighty percent return on your investment in your home. Not to mention an in-home office or extra guest bedroom. 

Deciding which type of renovation you’ve been daydreaming to execute can be a decision that doesn’t come easy. However, when choosing one, make sure it will give a return on its money, not one that’s throwing money down the drain. Additionally, keep in mind how far a fresh coat of paint and new carpet can go in adding value to your home and a bit of a facelift!