How To Look After Your RV

It is essential to look after your motor home when you are both on and off the road. These vehicles are a significant investment. It is necessary to keep them in good shape to avoid paying extra costs. Your RV needs to be maintained regularly to protect the investment, and you need to invest time to ensure it runs smoothly. Undoubtedly, there will be significant wear and tear on your motorhome if you use it regularly; however, you can avoid considerable damage with the proper upkeep. This blog will highlight a few ways to look after your RV both on and off the road. 

Offseason Maintenance 

While the dream would be to spend the whole year in your RV cruising the open road, the reality is that many people have obligations, so the RV sits unused for a large portion of time. During this offseason, you must keep your RV well maintained and stored so that it runs when you come to take it out again.

There are a few things you need to do to store your RV during the offseason months. The first is to clean the vehicle thoroughly, both inside and out. If your RV is taking a long hibernation, make sure you eliminate any unwanted smells that might build up inside. 

After you have cleaned and before putting her away for the winter, you want to make sure you give the engine some extra attention. You can do this by changing the oil, filling the car up with fuel and taking out any batteries. 

Finally, when you have given your vehicle a thorough clean, and maintained the engine for winter months, you need to take it undercover. It is essential to store your RV offseason carefully. An RV is a sturdy vehicle, but the harsh elements can significantly affect its body over time. So, make sure you look at to find the appropriate cover. 

Starting Her Up 

When it comes time to start up your motorhome, there are a few maintenance essentials to carry out. Firstly, spring clean, spruce up both inside and outside after the long winter. This will ensure that the vehicle is fresh for your return. Secondly, check for leaks and any signs of damp, which will need to be rectified if found.

The water system in the RV will need to be thoroughly flushed out after the winter. This is particularly important as stagnant water can be very hazardous. It is essential to use clean and sterilized water to flush the system. Finally, check all the appliances in the vehicle. Insects can sometimes get into the appliances and cause damage – you will want to check these are working before you set off. 


Do not forget to check your tires. Tire pressure can decrease after an extended period, both on and off the road. It is essential to keep these well maintained and topped up appropriately.  Look for bulging and cracking signs, which could indicate your tire is on its last legs.