Things That are Great About Getting Older

When people first think about old age, they tend to associate it with hearing loss, back pains, dementia, and a whole host of others illnesses and afflictions. However, getting older and reaching old age does not necessarily have to be all gloom and doom and there are actually many great things that you may not know about getting older. Importantly, if you stay on top of your health by eating a healthy, balanced diet and keep fit by exercising, old age can be glorious. So, read on if you want to learn some reasons as to why becoming older can be great.

You can reach peak happiness in life 

When you get older, it is more likely that you will reach peak happiness. Many older people (60+) have claimed that they have been happier in older age, unlike people who are in their 20s. This is because older people tend to be more satisfied with life. 

Now, the question that you may be asking yourself is: Why do older people feel more satisfied with life in comparison to younger people? This can largely be explained by the fact that older people will have most likely achieved more in their life compared to younger people in their early to late 20s. Think about it. When you were, or perhaps are, in the “prime” of your life it is likely that you had/have many responsibilities and pressures placed on you. For instance, these pressures can range anywhere from work responsibilities, to family (e.g., taking care of children) and social. It is likely, therefore, that stress will emerge as you had/have so much to do. Since stress usually leads to decreased life satisfaction, it is not surprising that younger adults are sometimes unhappier than older ones. 

Older and senior adults, while still facing some of these pressures, will not feel them so hard. For example, they may have had children in their younger years, but now they are probably all grown up and can provide for themselves. So, typically, older people have more free time on their hands to spend doing the things they love, which increases their happiness and overall life satisfaction. Just imagine, you have lived a fulfilled life, you have retired from work and have ample amounts of time to just sit back and relax. So, is it really that shocking that older people tend to be happier? Probably not.

More time! 

As mentioned above, older people generally have more time on their hands. As we all can probably appreciate, time is not only precious but also valuable. Older people have the option to, for example, go to wonderful places such as senior living St. Louis to receive care and have all the burdens of having to clean, cook and do chores, etc, lifted. 

So, getting older is not so much of a bad thing as people think and claim. Getting older can actually be rather invigorating and fun! You just need to know who to do it properly.