Lush garden pathway by an island home on Capri, Italy.

There’s an intoxicating freedom in the white walls of the homes on the Mediterranean coastline, a serenity in the way the soft white edges hit the endless views of the blue ocean and sky. Oh how I wish I could escape to this seaside retreat! My first look at this lush pathway and I was head-over-heels for this curated home that feels rooted and put-together yet casual and unassuming. The garden is just the same, overflowing with plants that seem to have wildly appeared but the yard has just been carefully planted to create a natural ease that invites you to step inside. The living room below is my favorite room – I love the idea of a room with a daybed, and combined with the pop of yellow in the gorgeous antique folding screen and red in the rug, the room is balanced in both color and shades of white.

Antique folding screen, persian rug, and daybed in an all white island home on Capri. Outdoor dining room with vintage farmhouse table and chairs combined with a crystal chandelier in an island home on Capri.
A serene all white living room with a pop of aqua from the patchwork rug in an island home on Capri.

Bright color abounds in the all-white house to mimic the vivid hues of the surrounding scenery, from aqua in the living room above to green in the worldly bedroom below. I’m in love with that pendant, and the headboard and matching window treatments are fabulous.

Bright green glass pendant and green silk headboard and bedskirt in a serene island home on Capri.
White patio seating area with an infinite view of the ocean in an island home on the coast of Capri.(via Elle Decor, photography by Ricardo Labougle)

The tile table and cast urns adds the perfect amount of texture to this serene covered patio. Can’t get much better than this island home, right?


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