Kitchen Renovations Do Increase the Value of a Home  

Of all the value-added propositions and home improvements, none beat having a kitchen renovation in both dollar value and functionality.  Every homeowner knows that their kitchen is a much-used space, which takes quite a beating sometimes.  In addition, a kitchen that is outdated, or not as functional as possible can have a devaluing effect on a home when put up for sale.  It also can create stress for a homeowner and others in the home when trying to cook.  Cabinetry must be adequate, lighting and fixtures up to date, and space utilized to the fullest to create a great kitchen through renovations.  

What prevents many homeowners from renovating their kitchens? 

The simple answer is cost.  Many television shows appear in Canada that show great looking complete floor to ceiling kitchen renovations but that do not mention the costs of these total renovations.  The reality is that while a full remodel, floor to ceiling, including appliances on average can be between 22,000 CAD to 55,000 CAD, and many homeowners do not have the budget for these full “teardowns.”  There are methods of cutting costs and still enhancing a kitchen through smaller types of renovations, or what some call rejuvenations.  

How can a homeowner determine the budget and renovate within it? 

There are dozens of kitchen renovation specialists within Canada.  A good consultation prior to any renovation will assist in determining costs.  A list should be made by a homeowner of what really is their end goal.  It can be to reconstruct a kitchen to be more aesthetically pleasing, or to add space, or to increase functionality, or all of these.  

If appliances are needed these must be factored into the costs.  Quality of materials should also be discussed as should style, as the renovation should last years if not decades.  Some designs are more classic and will not become outdated quickly.  Materials and appliances that are chosen for quality, as well as price, will indeed last longer also.  

Appliances, cabinetry, and countertops can account for 30 to 40 percent of a kitchen renovation budget. However, cutting costs on cabinetry especially will result in disappointment if cheap boxed cabinets of plywood are purchased rather than real wood cabinetry.  

Cabinetry even if boxed cabinets are used, is best if made of real wood with dovetail joints.  Dovetail joints make the cabinets slide in and out easily, as the joints are configured to fit into each component of the cabinet.  Real wood cabinets also do not show wear and tear quickly on the cabinet doors, as do cheaply made cabinets.  

Take into consideration the fact that cheap cabinets will not slide in and out easily, will break quickly, and will show wear even after only a year or two, while solid wood or even semi-wood cabinets with dovetail joints can last 50 years or more.  This is a serious consideration as the value-added is worth the price.  

Any type of particleboard is discouraged in cabinetry by most professionals.

There are all types of cabinets that try to imitate real wood and might even promote dovetail joints as a selling point.  No matter what is claimed, however, the reality is that cabinets are used the most in a kitchen, with opening and closing by family members dozens of times each day.  Heavy objects might also be placed in drawers and quite frankly, any type of cheap lightweight drawer will break quickly under pressure.  This is the reason that kitchen renovation specialists do recommend that if a budget is restricted, then there should be less focus on things like doors and trim, and more focus on the essentials, like quality cabinetry.  

Can someone remodel or renovate their own kitchen? 

Of course.  If someone is handy enough to DIY (Do It Yourself), it will save the cost of a professional installation, but remember that self-installing should also include quality items, and be advised that since a professional installer can take three to five months or more for a quality renovation, doing a renovation by oneself will take quite a bit longer.  

Factors like plumbing and an electrical replacement must be considered, as well as any flooring issues.  There should be a timeframe of course, but kitchen renovations cannot be rushed, and many times are very intricate, so caution is needed, and speed should not be a priority.  

How can a budget be obtained for a kitchen renovation? 

Any budget for renovating a kitchen should not only take into consideration the known factors but also the unknown factors.  Especially when renovating on one’s own, individuals tend to overlook the fact, that if the flooring is one component, the subflooring may also need replacement.  Another overlooked factor in costs, whether doing the renovation as a DIY project or through a professional, is that all family members will be eating out for quite some time.  A kitchen that is being renovated cannot be used! 

Experts suggest putting aside 15 to 20 percent of a budget for a kitchen renovation in Canada for the “unknowns” that might crop up.  Even renovations of a small kitchen can go upwards of 22,000 CAD if a kitchen is completely renovated and large kitchens can build-out for a price in the range of $86,000 CAD.  

While these figures might seem discouraging, it is a fact that a kitchen renovation can add an additional 50% of ROI (Return on Investment), to the price of any home, whether it is sold now or in the future.  Also consider the fact that a kitchen is a gathering place for friends, family, and guests.  The usefulness of a great design and renovation will pay back in the joy the renovation will bring. 

Kitchen renovations can be a process.

If money is an issue takes the renovation one step at a time. Deal with what needs renovating or upgrading the most and go from there.  Any renovation that adds functionality and value, even a smaller one, can enhance the life of any homeowner.