Best Methods Of Eliminating  Slippery Floors

Slippery floors are a hazard. Whether you are cleaning at home or at a workplace, a slippery floor can cause someone to slip and fall out. This can potentially cause serious injuries and even result in insurance claims. After all, a nasty fall can be life-changing.

To help you avoid this scenario you should familiarize yourself with the best methods of eliminating slippery floors. 

Use The Right Flooring

It can be extremely beneficial if you use the right flooring in the first place. Certain floors, such as these epoxy floor coatings, have a built-in non-slip feature. They are also incredibly durable and don’t get damaged when you drop things on them. 

In addition, you will find that epoxy floors are available in a wide selection of finishes, ensuring you can find the perfect floor for your space. 

Clean at the Right Time

Falls happen when the floor I slippery. This is usually because it is wet, greasy, or has too much wax on it. There are techniques to avoid these factors being an issue. But, before you look into them it is worth considering when you clean the floor.

The best tie is when no one will be using it for a short while. This will allow you to use a damp mop and the floor can dry naturally without causing a hazard. 

Dry Mop

If the above isn’t an option then you need a dry mop. This can be done instead of the wet mop or straight after it. Your decision will be based on what stains and spills you are dealing with. 

Once you have mopped it with the wet mop you can go over it again with a dry mop and remove all the moisture. This is the most effective way of ensuring you don’t have a slippery floor.


If you have greasy floors then you need to choose a degreaser that will attack the cause of the grease. This is different depending on the use of the space. For example, garages and kitchens both get greasy but it is a different type of grease. Use the right degreaser for the floor and wash with warm water before drying.


Many floors can be polished to help seal in the shine and make them easier to keep clean. However, you must choose the right type of polish for the floor. Choose the wrong one and you will create a buildup of product on the floor that makes it slippery. That is an accident waiting to happen.

Add Mats

At slippery points or high-risk areas, such as coming in from outside, you need to add mats to the floor. These need to be fixed firmly to the floor and you should choose the right mat for the floor in question. It will ensure people have dry feet and are less likely to slip over. It can also reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do!

Simply using a little common sense will ensure you have clean and non-slippery floors.