The Labyrinth Collection by Kevin Francis Design on Thou Swell @thouswellblog

Since I was a child, my impression of gardens has always been that they are outdoor rooms – and the progression from garden to room only increases as the walls of a hedge grow taller. When these walls intertwine, the traditional labyrinth emerges, a garden form seeped in history from the gardens of Chateau Villandry to historic Williamsburg. My earliest experience with a hedge maze was in Williamsburg with my grandmother when I was just eight years old, and the memory of green walls wrapping me in a journey to a central, private space has stuck with me since. With the magic of this verdant maze in mind, I conceived of my very first collection for Kevin Francis Design, the Labyrinth Collection.

The Labyrinth Collection by Kevin Francis Design

For over a year I have been developing this collection. With its roots in myths, meditation, and lush landscapes, these verdant garden designs are brought to life with luxurious wool and bamboo silk rugs that preserve the asymmetries of each maze in their patterns. The collection includes five designs in five timeless colorways: boxwood, blueberry, wheat, peony, and sky. The rugs are priced for standard sizing, with custom colors and sizing available upon request.

The Labyrinth Collection by Kevin Francis Design on Thou Swell @thouswellblog

I couldn’t be more excited to launch my product atelier with these rugs! Thank you for allowing me the platform to pursue my passion and bring dreams like this to life.

Kevin Francis Design Product Atelier

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