Large Scale Color in Every Room

It can be easy to create an all-white oasis, but something what a room needs is a splash of unexpected color to keep things alive and energetic. To prevent large scale color to overwhelm a room (unless that’s what you’re going for), it’s important to balance it with complements or keep things easy going with neutrals. If you balance color and light, you can keep things airy and fresh while adding that bold edge to the space. In the bright bedroom below, purple is pulled from the bedspread onto the wall, helping highlight the woven screen headboard. I especially love that pop of green on the stool in the front!

Interiors With Large Scale Color | Thou Swell
(via Elle Decor, photography by Simon Upton)

Interiors With Large Scale Color | Thou Swell
(via Nuevo Estilo)

In a cheerful Barcelona apartment, a gorgeous teal takes center-stage in the kitchen, balanced by white countertops and stools. The orange seat pads provide a bit of complementary action, which helps keep the room from feeling too cold.

The energetic workspace below features some even stronger complementary action, with a pink backsplash and emerald chair. Modern art prints above the desk pull the colors together with a diverse color palette. A white ceiling and view of the living room below helps to keep the space bright and open.

Interiors With Large Scale Color | Thou Swell
(via The Design Files, photography by Brook Holm)


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