Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

Every homeowner wants their front yard to look beautiful, but when it comes to its maintenance, most people find it challenging. Maintaining your front yard does not need to be expensive or complicated.

You don’t need to be a professional landscaper to maintain your front yard. Knowing about your soil climatic conditions and the types of plants that can survive and grow on your landscape can help you maintain your garden. Let us explore some low maintenance landscaping ideas for your front yard.

Mix homemade compost in the soil.

The first essential requirement for a low maintenance garden is a healthy soil mix. If your soil is healthy and full of nutrients, it will nourish the plants well for their survival and growth. If you choose to use fertilizers, you need to use them repeatedly to fertilize your soil. However, homemade compost is great for any type of soil and plants. 

If you don’t have homemade compost, you can make it at home using kitchen and garden waste. Collect the fruit and vegetable peels, lawn grass clippings, and dried leaves. Dig a large hole in the corner of your garden and put all these materials in it. Wait for three months, and your homemade compost will be ready. Compost is also easily available in villages. You can create a soil mix by mixing 1 part of homemade compost with four parts of soil.

Get young plants and shrubs for your garden.

If you visit a nursery to buy plants and shrubs, you will be drawn to mature plants and flowers as they look beautiful. However, the actual difference between young plants and mature ones is only the price tag. 

Planting mature plants in new soil may not be a good idea as they may not adjust to the new soil and environmental conditions. On the other hand, young plants can adjust and nourish themselves in your garden soil, and you will be surprised to see how fast they grow once you plant them.

Visit a nursery at the end of the season.

Nurseries offer a discount on plants just like the clothing retailers at the end of a season. These times offer you a great opportunity to save money if you can wait until the end of a season. Even if plants’ leaves and flowers look discolored, the plants will survive as long as their stems are green. You can buy them and plant them immediately in your garden. Make sure you offer them sufficient water so that they can adjust to your soil and survive.

Evergreen plants.

Another way to create a low maintenance front yard is to grow evergreen plants in your garden. Evergreen plants and shrubs do not require as much maintenance as the seasonal plants. Although evergreen plants may not bear flowers throughout the year, the natural color of their leaves is sure to enhance the visual appeal of your front yard.

Get perennials for your yard.

Although you can find many beautiful annual flowers in a nursery, they can cost you a lot as they die every year. You might need to buy them again and again. Plant the perennials like coreopsis, catmint, alstroemeria as there flourish every year with vibrant and colorful flowers. The upfront cost of perennials might be higher than annual flowers, but they are like a one-time investment for your front yard.

Replant the perennials

Once you plant some perennials in your garden they will grow for several years. So you don’t need to buy new perennials every year. You can uproot the new blooms that germinate from the previous perennials and move them to new areas in your front yard. Uprooting and replanting the blooms from the previous year’s perennials can save you a lot of money every year.


Don’t forget to use mulch around the roots of your plants as it offers many benefits for the growth and protection of plants. Mulch also protects the roots of plants from external temperature and also maintains the moisture in the soil. Weeds grow in the soil and deprive the plants of nutrients. Removing the weeds is a challenging and repetitive task that gardeners and landscape owners need to do again and again. Also, mulch minimizes the growth of weeds, which in turn reduces your efforts to remove them.

Get free much from your community.

Communities offer free mulch to their residents. All you need to do is to find it. Companies that pick up tree cuttings process them into wood chippers and use them as mulch. You can find such a company that picks up tree cuttings and waste. Also, try to find out if your community offers a free mulch program to its residents. If your community offers such a program, you will need a truck to pick the mulch and transport it to your home.

Install a new irrigation system.

If you still use a conventional irrigation system, it can cost you time and effort. The present-day irrigation systems are much more advanced than conventional irrigation systems. The modern systems are equipped with sensors that sense the watering requirements of your plants and soil. 

The sensors automatically turn on the irrigation system when the moisture level of the soil becomes low beyond a set value. When the soil gets sufficient water, the sensors automatically turn off the system to avoid overwatering. Therefore, installing an automatic irrigation system reduces your effort and also saves water.

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Final words

These were some low maintenance landscaping ideas for your front yard. You can even use these ideas for your backyard and any other type of garden. Following these tips can help homeowners and landscape owners turn their gardens into low maintenance and self-sufficient landscapes.

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