Moving Guide for Germany

Moving to a new country brings both stress and excitement. If you are moving to Germany, you are going to explore a new world of excitement. Germany is a country famous for its reliable and efficient healthcare system. Also, the cost of living in Germany is relatively lower than in Western and European countries.

However, the rules in Germany are different from your present location, and you need to understand them clearly. If you are relocating to Germany for the first time, you need to understand many things and prepare your move accordingly. Let us explore some important things about moving to Germany.

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Collect important documents.

Moving to Germany requires you to have all the important documents. Here is the list of all the important documents that you should carry while moving to Germany.

Birth certificate

Birth certificate is an important document that you may be asked to submit as proof of your birth date many times. You will be required to submit a copy of your birth certificate while applying for jobs and accommodation. It is also required to register yourself as a resident in Germany.

Marriage certificate

You will be asked to submit a copy of your marriage certificate while applying for a bank account and jobs.

Educational certificates

You need to submit copies of your educational certificates while applying for jobs to prove your educational qualifications.

Health Insurance

Having a Health Care cover is mandatory in Germany. So, if you already have Health Insurance, you should carry its documents. If you don’t have Health Insurance, you should apply for it as you will need it to get a residence permit in Germany.

Bank statement

You will be required to show your bank statements to prove that you can financially support yourself to work and live in Germany.

Medical records

When you need medical assistance or visit a doctor in Germany, they will ask you to show your previous medical records. Having all your medical records helps you to receive the required medical care in Germany.

Reason for moving to Germany

You will be asked to show proof of the reason for moving to Germany anytime during and after your move. If you are going to Germany due to your job transfer, you will need to show the relevant documents as proof of your job transfer.

If you want to move to Germany for a new job, you should have a job contract and a relieving letter from your previous organization.

Packing for your move

While packing for your move to Germany, you need to know the customs regulations as many items are prohibited and restricted in Germany.

All the items that you pack for your move should be your personal property as items of commercial nature are not allowed.

You can pack all the household items like bed linens, Kitchenware furniture, bicycles, two wheelers, cars, art pieces, etc. If you want to move your vehicles to Germany, you need to prove that they are registered in your name.

Items not acceptable for moving to Germany

All the commercial items used in a profession, trade, or applied or Liberal Arts are not allowed in Germany. If you want to carry tobacco products, you can carry up to 200 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco.

However, it is advisable not to carry tobacco products and spirits containing alcohol to avoid any trouble during your move. If you consume alcohol or tobacco products, you can buy them for personal use in Germany.

Hire a reputed international mover

If you are moving to Germany from your native country or any other country, you will need help from an international mover.

There are many international movers available in every country. You need to start your research months before your move. It takes time to research for a good interstate mover who can understand all your requirements and help you with packing and moving all your stuff to Germany.

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Final words

These were some things that you need to consider before moving to Germany. It is important to understand the rules and regulations regarding the jobs, career, accommodation, and cost of living in Germany. Hiring a reputed interstate mover will help you pack and move your stuff.

However, you need to create a plan and list of all the things like documents required,visa requirements applying for jobs, arranging for accommodation, etc. Don’t forget to take care of your family and pets while making preparations for your move. Following this moving guide can help any individual or family to make their move easy and convenient.

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