Managing Space: 20 Clever Storage Solutions Every Homeowner Should Know About

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff. Adult life seeks the answer to the perennial question: Where is all this stuff going to get stored? Don’t fret. There are storage solutions available designed to fit your lifestyle and keep a home uncluttered and welcoming. Here are 20 of the best.

1. Outdoor shed

When it comes to storage, nothing says success like more space. Pole Barn Contractors have been helping homeowners get organized for years. Make sure to understand what the new area will store before building, though. Without a plan, it’s just another messy problem.

2. Build a loft bed

Free up space below the bed by lifting it onto a loft. This solution works particularly well in small bedrooms. The added area underneath can house dressers, shelves, or even a desk. Kids especially like having a loft. Sleeping up high is a cozy spot to spend the night.

3. Hang belts on a single hanger

Buy a sturdy wooden hanger and add some hooks. Custom bend the hooks to secure wider belt buckles. Then, hang the belts in the closet for ready access. Not only will this idea free up space in dresser drawers, but it will also make getting dressed easier in the morning.

4. Stack recycling on a tower

Recycling buckets can take over a kitchen’s floor space. Why not move them onto a tower instead? Frame a tower that matches the size of the paper, metal, and plastics bins in your household, and slide them in on top of each other. Sorting becomes a breeze too.

5. Back of closet door storage

Attach hooks for pegboards to the back of closet doors to hang tape and tools. It will free up space in that junk drawer and make it easier to find the tools you need without looking everywhere. Be sure they hang flat so the door can easily open and close.

6. Stacked closet rods

Vertical space is wasted when a single rod is used. Split the closet in half. Use closet rod brackets to attach three shorter rods: two stacked on one side for shirts above and pants below and one on the other side for longer articles of clothing such as dresses and coats.

7. Large garage hooks

Store racks, shovels, and other tools on large hooks in the garage. Keep them in one location, if possible, so it will be easier to put them away when the work is done. These hooks also work great for ladders.

8. Ladder ceiling storage

Instead of storing your ladders against the wall in your garage, consider adding a couple of hanging bars from the garage ceiling. Make sure to hang ladders high enough to leave enough room to walk underneath them comfortably.

9. Gift wrapping container

Instead of stashing gift wrap or tossing it after wrapping a present, designate a spot to store those tubes inside of a container. A round trashcan works perfectly. Place the container in the back of the closet and pull all of the paper out at once. Consider including tape with the wrap.

10. Put the dryer on a pedestal

The space underneath a dryer doesn’t have to go unused when a pedestal is used. Add a large drawer to that pedestal, and room for laundry necessities is instantly created. Since most dryer doors are low, this trick will also protect your back.

11. Designate a closet for all cleaning supplies

Nothing says clutter more than cleaning supplies scattered throughout the house. Make house cleaning a breeze by dedicating a single closet to those supplies. Hang shelves and pegboards inside to free up floor space for brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners.

12. Toy storage underneath a bench

Kids love to play in their rooms. They also need a place to sit when their friends come over. Combine the two by creating benches with room underneath for toy storage. Stack cardboard game boxes and include clear plastic bins for loose toys. Cleanup after playtime is simplified.

13. Take advantage of drawer organizers

Drawer organizers are perfect for storing hair accessories, makeup, and even nails or screws. With a separate slot available for a variety of items, finding what is needed is no longer a problem. Before buying, sort through the stash to determine which organizers will work best for your belongings.

14. Let ladders do double duty

Lightweight leaning ladders are a simple solution many homeowners use to access out of the way items. However, they can also be used for storage. Lean them against the wall and hang things to dry on them. Simply remove the pieces when it’s time to use the ladder.

15. Over the door shelving

Extra storage space lies hidden in plain sight. Add a shelf over a doorway inside bedrooms, bathrooms, and double patio doors to display mementos or add plants to the room’s decor. Open shelves are easy to add. Use a stud finder for secure placement.

16. Under-bed storage bins

Long flat plastic bins designed for storage underneath a bed are widely available. Add a ruffle to keep them out of sight. These bins are perfect for offseason clothing. Simply pull them out every spring and fall and swap them to prepare for the upcoming season.

17. Stacked PVC pipes for shoe storage

Instead of leaving shoes in a jumbled mess, buy large PVC pipes and glue them together in a large stack. Tubes can be painted to fit with any decor. Best of all, storage space can extend to the ceiling with this setup. That’s a lot of shoes.

18. Bins above cabinets

Many kitchen cabinets don’t extend to the ceiling. Instead of storing individual items up there, why not add attractive bins as an alternative? This solution works best for rarely used kitchen implements.

19. Paint labels onto glass jars

Labeling the glass jars used in the kitchen to store grains or spices doesn’t have to be complicated. Use paint pens to mark them and make them more attractive. Repurpose old pickle jars in an engaging way using this technique.

20. Hanging measuring spoons

Measuring spoons get used multiple times a week when cooking for the family. Instead of tossing them in a drawer, add hooks to the inside of a cabinet door that’s close to the workspace. They will always be right there when needed.

Small changes in a home’s storage space make significant differences in functionality. Having designated storage locations suited explicitly to an item means less clutter and more peace of mind. Try some of these tips to improve your home.

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