Mid-Century Modern Interior Doors | 15 Phenomenal Door Styles

Mid-Century Modern Interior Doors | 15 Phenomenal Door Styles 1

Doors are a crucial part of our homes, from them making our indoor secure as well as providing privacy. There are a variety of doors available in the market. One of the most trending styles is the mid-century modern interior doors. The core reason why many prefer this door still is because they fit with any time of decor making it a widely used style. 

It was around the 1950s and 60s when these types of mid-century modern interior doors were invented. Later after a few years, a Texas company brought these doors back to life in the 21st century. Mid-century modern style didn’t restrict itself to architecture itself, it went on to diversify in home decor, interior, and even product design. Today mid-century modern style is one of the most renowned and trending architectural styles that is hugely adopted by global designers to innovate their spaces. An aesthetic that speaks about luxury and subtle timelessness in design, the mid-century modern style is here and is here to stay!

Although the mid-century modern style in 2021, has seen many progressive changes and upgrades. The array of options available in the form of various products also makes it tough to decide the ideal choice for your home.  In order to identify the ideal mid-century modern interior doors, you need to understand their features. 

Here are a few of the core identifying characteristics of a mid-century modern interior door. 

  • Wooden Construction materials
  • Clean and Sleek Lines
  • Lites doors
  • Natural wooden appearance. 

Now let’s look at some of the mid-century modern interior doors that have phenomenal designs. 

1. Double doors 

Mid-century modern interior doors as double doors can be a perfect addition as a doorway between the living and dining areas. The panels, fine line edges, along brass and copper handles enhance the aesthetics of the spaces. 

2. Door with Gold trim

Golden accents add eclecticism to the homes. These doors are generally painted in the same shades of the walls with vertical panels. This molding forms an indented shape to create an elegant mid-century modern interior door. 

3. Single Door

A single kitchen door is an ideal addition to mid-century modern interior doors. The wooden appearance and clean lines give it an exquisite look. These doors are practical in spaces where there is a crunch of area. 

4. Provincial Style doors

A provincial-style door frame for your mid-century modern interior doors can be a perfect addition to give your space a timeless aesthetic with long slender vertical bottom panels with horizontal detailing. French provincial or Georgian style doors add an eclectic element to your home decor. 

5. Glass and Wooden Panel combos

A classic-looking mid-century modern interior door, it is ideal for farmhouse or coastal locations. The doorknobs are an interesting piece that showcases rustic and vintage aesthetics. 

6. Arched Doors

Arched doors are a type of french door with a very non-traditional shape at an added expense. You can use this in spaces where you need ample light and ventilation. They add a luxurious aesthetic to your homes. 

7. Stained Oak Interior Doors

These mid-century modern interior doors are a perfect addition to your country or rustic style home. They can be sued for both traditional and contemporary aesthetics. The paneling, molding, and grain texture of the wood made them a must-have. 

8. Six Panel Mid Century Modern Interior Doors

These elegant interior doors are six paneled with elongated upper panels along with two bottom panels. These are beveling and add a high-end decor fabric to the home that gives an extra touch of elegance. 

9. French Mid Century Modern Interior Doors

The concert of french doors is age-old but it can be merged with the mid-century modern aesthetics due to their minimal look and finish. The thin and sleek frames have a modern appeal to your decor. They also have sophisticated flair which makes them a must-have. 

10. Mitered Panel Mid Century Modern Interior Doors

These types of doors have substantial depth to them due to the mitered layers aloft with an outer framed and a raise central pane. All these add a Georgian aesthetic that oozes luxury. 

11. Cross and Bible Interior Doors

It is nicknamed as that as the top portion of these six-paneled doors resembles a cross and the button resembles an open book. The center panel has edges exemplifying a traditional, rustic look that acknowledges innate craftsmanship. 

12. Mid Century Modern Interior Pivot Interior Doors

These doors are a huge and beautiful addition to the home decor with their pivot-styled mechanism that helps in making them so eclectic. It might look like these doors are a heavy element that makes them hard to operate but that s just a myth. These doors are easy to operate and help in accentuating your home decor. 

13. Modern Geometric Accents Mid Century Interior Door

A sliding door in nature, the geometric accents in these is what makes the interiors door an aesthetic element to have. The wooden texture and the modern design make it an ideal addition to a contemporary modern home. They can be placed in hallways and living spaces paired with wooden floorings. 

14. Black Paneled Mid Century Modern Interior Door

Black paneled doors are an exquisite choice to choose from for your mid-century modern space. These doors are a timeless luxury that makes your space look effortlessly elegant. The panels add more depth to the doors and the matt black colors add exclusivity. 

15. Stained Vertical Slat Mid Century Modern Interior Doors

The beauty of the wooden texture is exemplified with these wood slab doors. Heavy pieces of mahogany reveal the texture and make this door a gorgeous piece in your home. These doors go with Tudor style home that is country or rustic in their decor. 

Choosing The Ideal Mid Century Modern Interior Door

To find the ideal door we need to narrow it down to our color palette and material palette to make the wise choice of an ideal mid-century modern interior door. Moodbaord can be a go-to solution to compare various textures and their merges with each other. 

In this blog, you read and saw images of mid-century modern interior doors. We hope this article has provided you with the perfect solution. If not, you can always check out our website InnovativeDecorIdeas to know more.