Craftsman Bungalow: An outstanding combo of arts and crafts 

One century has passed, but the core idea of Craftsman Bungalow House has never changed. Most modern houses are heavily inspired by the exposed beams, open floor plans, fireplaces, and many more from the Craftsman-style houses. The style has changed, but the key ideas have not been modified to a certain extent. We can say that Craftsman Bungalow House is the inspiration of modern-style houses where middle-class families can also stay there. 

Here Architecturesstyle lets you know the history and characteristics of the Craftsman Bungalow house. In the later section, you can analyze the distinctive features of the Craftsman-style house. 

History of Craftsman Bungalow House

British Arts & Crafts movement had the prime role in establishing the magnificent architectural style building, “Craftsman Bungalow House’. When you move back to the 1800s and early 1900s, it was the time of depression, and people were reluctant to invest in heavy and electric style Victorian Homes. The credit went to the Gamble brothers, who were well-known for their iconic Gamble House. It was a popular belief that Gustav Stickley and the Gamble Brothers had first created the outline of Craftsman Bungalow House.  

What is a craftsman bungalow?

I can say that honesty is the foundation pillar of Craftsman Bungalow House because every design of the house is aesthetically beautiful. It is built from natural materials like genuine wood, stone, bricks, and other natural materials. It expresses the natural beauty, and most of the craftsman bungalows are considered ecologically sound. It is the best example of an eco-friendly house where fewer resources are taken for building it and utilizes less energy for maintenance. 

Characteristics of a craftsman Bungalow House

Craftsman Bungalow House is known for its aesthetically characteristic features. Let’s discuss some of the main characteristics of this house.

  •  Low-pitched roof with overhanging eaves.
  • You can see the exposed rafters under the eaves.
  • Square-shaped, heavy, and tapering columns.
  • You can see the beautiful mesmerizing patterns of windows and their panes.
  • The exterior colors can give earthy tones in the form of greens, browns, and taupe shades.
  • You can easily point out the earthy finishing from brick, stone to stucco and wood sidings.
  • They are mainly front-gabled, side-gabled, or cross-gabled.

Craftsman Bungalow House Plan

Privacy, public spaces, and movement are taken special care in designing the Craftsman Bungalow House. The architecture style is relevant even after 100 years of inception. When you go back to its time, the kitchens had a little room for appliances, and bedroom closets were extremely cramped. There must be countertops in the most compact kitchen in today’s time, and we need a spacious bathroom. But back in the time, bathroom size was very tiny, even for a three-bedroom house flat. 

What we love in Craftsman’s house is the ‘Open floor plan’. We love to have a welcoming front porch, a foyer, a big fireplace, and other functional living spaces. We love the idea of merging cooking and eating areas. 

Let’s discuss every single design element of Craftsman Bungalow House.

Built-in Furniture and Light Fixtures

Built-ins are the special features that give a vibrant and large look even if they are built-in small sizes. Since they are low-pitched roofs, architects can manage to occupy furniture and fixtures in small spaces. 


A fireplace is the prime attraction element of the craftsman house. Designers put fireplaces on cabinets, bookshelves, and sometimes they intend to put a fireplace on the entire wall to make it stand out.  

Porches with Pillars

Another beautiful architecture style is porches with pillars in craftsman bungalow house. It surrounds the front steps of the house and gives support to the roof from the front porch. It will help families to get together with their neighbors more comfortably without entering the house premises. They are usually square, half-height, and rest on pedestal bases clad by stucco or stone. 

Low-Pitched Roofs

You can distinguish Craftsman Bungalow houses from the other style houses from their low-pitched roofs. You can see the roof appears like a hip or gable style. Architects thought of new architectural styles that could occupy maximum furniture and fixtures inside the house. They can also satisfy the needs of a storehouse. 

Exposed Beams

The main aspect of the Craftsman houses is exposed beams, giving a wider and bigger look from the outside. You can see exposed beams both from the interior and exterior parts of the house. It gives the old warm charm and imbibes the rusticity of staying craftsman-shaped houses. 

Open Floor Plan

Have you influenced the wide-open floor plan of the craftsman-style houses? The open floor plan is the common feature of this style house. It provides a seamless traffic flow in the house, and it looks spacious. Rooms are not closed and private, but craftsman house rooms are wide open and spacious. In those times, life revolved from the living room, kitchen, and dining area. You can identify the master suite at one end, while on the other end, you have bedrooms. 

Wide Overhanging Eaves

Wide overhanging eaves are also one of the most common features of the house. It helps in wet and snowy areas to easily keep the water or snow off the walls and foundation of the house. There was no latest technical equipment on those days that could serve this purpose. Eaves are made of natural stones that can harmonize the exteriors.  


Craftsman Bungalow house represents the simple living style that is in sync with nature. In the year 1910-1913, people needed to put some useful appliances in the kitchen. Bathrooms were made with aesthetically white tiled floors because people were giving extra caution to germs and intended to make them clean. Before the Arts and Crafts movement, most of the Victoria era and other style houses were only meant for wealthy people. 

But Craftsman-style houses had changed the thinking of middle-class families, and they started adopting the newly designed craftsman houses. 

Craftsman Bungalow House has made the foundation pillar of a new style house that can also be affordable by middle-class families. Most of the spacious bungalows of today’s time are inspired by the Craftsman Style house.