Modern Solutions for Your Home Garage Gym

Modern Solutions for Your Home Garage Gym 1
Young muscular couple doing deadlift exercise with barbell on cross training at the garage gym.

Creating a modern and beautiful home extends to every space on your property. Whether you want to update your living room to give it a luxurious feel, or you’re finally taking the time to revamp your garage to make a stunning home gym, you’ll need creative and modern solutions to make it work. Storage is both form and function and you don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. When you upgrade your garage to add in your home gym, you don’t need to leave the floor bare, and the studs exposed on the walls. Make it a warm and inviting place where you will enjoy going to work out.

Finish Your Garage

You need to add either some wallboard or drywall to finish your garage. Fill in the gaps and paint it a bright white or modern gray color. By completing the walls, you make it look and feel like a fully functional room instead of a dark, dank afterthought. These walls then become the staging place for the rest of the things you need in your home garage gym. While it’s probably best to leave the floor as is, you can easily clean it up by power washing the area where you’ll do your workouts.

Install Workout Mats

While it’s easiest to leave the floor concrete, it’s not easy on your joints. Workout mats give you the cushioning you’ll need to safely workout. Not only will they protect your body, but they can also protect the concrete in the event you accidentally drop a heavy weight on the floor. It would be a bummer to damage your garage when there is a simple solution for it. These portable workout mats come in a variety of thicknesses and colors so you can create the modern home garage gym you desire.

Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

Storing away the things you need in your home garage gym can make you feel accomplished. The sleek look of modern cabinets will make your garage feel more luxurious. Flat faced cabinets come in many different sizes and depths. This variety can give you room to store workout videos, ropes, weights, and more. Pick a wall and add this important storage solution to your home gym.

Add Some Greenery

Garages aren’t known for their windows and amazing views. Bring the outside in with some foliage. Fill the corners with some faux plants or add some green images to the walls. You’d be amazed at the ways that something green can instantly lift your mood. This is beneficial when you’re working out because it can make you feel more motivated to push yourself to work harder.

Decide Where to Put Your Weights

Space is hard to come by in a small garage gym setup. But with a foldable weight rack you can easily pull out the rack while you workout and put it away when you’re done. This saves you a lot of space. Traditional weight racks are large and bulky and don’t always look great in a modern design. By using something more versatile, you can easily take out the rack when you need to, then easily fold it up when you’re done.”

Modern Cardio Workouts

Choose something you love to do for your cardio workouts. If it’s not something you’re excited to do, it’s unlikely you’ll spend time on it for very long. With modern technology, you can improve your cardio workouts even more. Ride along to the videos on a Peloton or learn new dance moves in a video workout series. Or start rowing across the ocean with a row machine. This piece of equipment may be the biggest expense in your home gym, but it’s also the wisest.

Heating and Cooling

Let’s face it, if you’re in a garage with temps like the Arctic in the winter and like the Sahara Desert in the summer, it’s unlikely that you’ll spend very much time in there. You could put in vents to route the HVAC in your home to the garage, add in a mini split, or use portable units when you are working out. There are plenty of portable heater or air conditioning units that are affordable. If you want something out of the way, mini splits are also an excellent solution. You can set the temperatures to stay more comfortable so that your garage gym is ready when you are to workout.