7 Aesthetic Plants for a Magnificent and Healthy Apartment Ambiance

7 Aesthetic Plants for a Magnificent and Healthy Apartment Ambiance 1

“Plants Give Us Oxygen For the Lungs And For The Soul.” – Terri Guillemets

So finally, you have taken the arduous step of moving to your rented apartment. Coming this far, leaving your loved ones and your dear home behind, was challenging, but you had to take this arduous leap to realize your dreams. Whether you are a working professional or a college student, staying in a rented apartment away from your family is always hard. 

You miss everyone every day, and life feels lifeless without them. However, in your heart, you know that once you establish yourself as a professional, you’ll return back with truckloads of joy, financial security, and comfort. Now that you are finally living in your rented apartment, it is time to indulge in apartment decor. 

After all, the place you live in should be magnificent, calming, and homely. When it comes to interior decor, things remain incomplete without adding an element of nature. Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, greenery is always a great addition. Plants beautify your apartment, add life to it and purify the air to help you lead a healthy life. 

But, still, not many of us invest in buying plants. Sadly, we invest in commercial auto insurance to protect our automobiles, but we don’t invest in air-purifying plants that can safeguard our health and strengthen our lungs. We don’t yet understand what high levels of air pollution can do to us. 

Heart attack, lung cancer, and respiratory infections are some grave consequences of exposure to high levels of air pollution. Pollution may even affect what is considered heart disease for life insurance. No doubt, we cannot do anything about the outdoor air quality, but we can improve indoor air quality in our apartments. At least we, especially the youngsters, should do this much for our health and longevity. 

Having said that, let’s proceed to discuss seven aesthetic plants that provide a magnificent and healthy apartment ambiance. 

7 Captivating Plants for Apartment Decoration: 

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisies are captivating. With their showy, long-lasting blossoms, vibrant colors, and bright green foliage, they catch your attention the moment you see them. They pull you towards themselves with all their beauty, and you can’t help but smile at them.

The best thing about this magnificent plant is that it not only beautifies your home and uplifts your mood but also purifies the air. 

According to NASA, Gerbera Daisies are the best for removing Benzene from the air. Moreover, they also release oxygen at night. According to the Lung Institute, by releasing oxygen at night, Gerbera Daisies can help sleep apnea patients get better quality sleep. 

Imagine the calming effect they’ll have on you as you return home after a stressful day in college or at work. 


If you have seen an Azalea shrub blooming in spring, you know that there is no more beautiful sight than that. These shrubs are available in all sorts of colors that you can imagine. The best thing about these shrubs is that they are easy to care for and can grow anywhere. 

This makes them the best option for a busy professional or student like you. But remember to keep them misted. Azaleas love a humid environment and moist soil. If you deny them that, they may feel sad and wither away. 

Apart from their beauty, another thing that Azaleas are known for is air purification. They remove formaldehyde from the air and give you clean air to breathe. Once you bring them home, your lungs will thank them daily for providing a treat of fresh air to breathe. 

Golden Pothos

Here comes a plant that demands the least amount of care and affection from you but gives plenty. They are not so selective about the environment they are placed in. Golden Pothos are hardy. Bright, indirect, or low sunlight, they are okay in all. This means that they can thrive anywhere and don’t wither away easily.

 So, if you have a busy lifestyle and wonder if you’ll be able to look after your plants, bringing home Golden Pothos will be perfect. The best thing about Golden Pothos is that its short leaves captivate your heart. The bright green leaves also help you with stress management. If you had a stressful day, just sit for some time with your little Golden pothos, and you’ll begin to feel calmer. 

English Ivy

English Ivy has attractive leaves. The leaf design is appealing to the eyes and beautifies the surroundings. Just like Golden Pothos, English Ivy doesn’t demand much care. It can grow outdoors as well as indoors. It is a climber that clings to almost any surface with the help of small roots that grow along the stem. 

If you are someone who is fascinated by clinging and climbing plants, you should bring English Ivy home. It will give you immense joy to witness this beautiful plant clinging to surrounding things. Furthermore, this climber has great air-purifying qualities. According to Allergy and Air, it can remove mold from the air. 

So, are you feeling motivated to bring home this green, calming, air-purifying plant that requires the least care? 

Boston Fern

Calmness and Charm are two prominent qualities of Boston Fern. They make room styling simple and easy. The moment you look at it, you’ll be captivated by the lush green leaves. You’ll be surprised to know that this alluring plant is easy to care for. It radiates beauty, calms your mind, and brings a smile to your face without demanding much. 

Moreover, Boston Ferns are one of the best air-purifying plants. According to SF Gate, they can remove formaldehyde, plastics, and cigarette smoke from the air, which seems magical, doesn’t it? Imagine how beneficial can the presence of Boston Fern in your apartment be for you! 

Peace Lily

Peace Lily, as the name suggests, is a plant that radiates peace. The white blooms of peace lily emerge in spring in the form of modified leaves. Afterward, a non-blooming period follows. 

Although the bloom stays for just two months or a little more, it gives you immense joy for the time being. It is so blissful to look at the white bloom that you can keep looking for hours. 

Furthermore, NASA found peace lilies to be one of the best indoor air purifying plants. They break down compounds such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene. But, it is important to note that this beautiful plant is a little toxic for animals, children, and adults also. 

So, if you plan to bring this plant home, ensure to keep it away from your pets and wash your hands whenever you touch it. 

Snake Plant

Snake plants are best known for improving indoor air quality. They can significantly reduce the air quality index in your apartment. These plants release oxygen even at night. This can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. Moreover, the broad green leaves are extremely captivating to the eyes. 

The thin yellow outline on the leaves adds to the beauty. As these plants are low maintenance and don’t require regular watering, you can bring them home without any worries. 

Your apartment is your new home. To make your stay comfortable and joyous, you should indulge in apartment decoration. Plants can beautify your apartment and improve your overall health by improving indoor air quality and having a calming effect on your mind.

The above-mentioned listicle of magnificent plants will help you select the best ones for your apartment. Hopefully, you can have a comfortable stay in your new home.