Elegant console and cubist light in a Moroccan entry on @thouswellblog(via Vogue, photography by François Halard)

Veined marble, curved entries, large windows, and elaborate patterns make a stunning presentation in Bruno Frisoni’s Moroccan home. The home’s rooms range from simple and soothing to loud and colorful, with casual and inviting living spaces throughout. The hallway above shows the mix of elements used in the home, with an arched console mimicking the doorways and a cubist light fixture bringing a sleek modern addition. Simple black stripes on the curtains are used again in the bathroom (one of my favorite bathrooms ever!) and the open doorways and windows throughout make it seem as though there is a constant coastal breeze through the home.

A light-filled living room with pale blue walls and marble floors on @thouswellblog A colorful Moroccan living room with blue curtains and yellow dresser Daybeds in a Moroccan living room full of pattern on @thouswellblog

I love the casual daybeds and Moroccan design infused into this playful living space, and the patterns in the table, walls, and stairs.

Elegant blue and white dining in a Moroccan home on @thouswellblogWalls upholstered in rug strips in a Moroccan home on @thouswellblog

The bedroom featured walls upholstered in strips of Moroccan rugs, creating a richly-hued cocoon that reflects Tangier’s vibrant culture. The bathroom below, with its wide stripes and sunken bath, demonstrate a more restrained side of the home.

Striped marble bathroom in a Moroccan home on @thouswellblog Moroccan roof-top terrace on @thouswellblog

A view of Tangiers from the roof-top terrace. Another lush space with a mélange of styles and influences in this timeless home.


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